Bumbling best bree quotes that are about bree van de kamp

Does my character hate Bree? Well, let's just put it this way.

Bree hasn't seen the last of me. I gave that drunk gal a ride home a few episodes ago and she turned on me!

If Russell Wilson wins this game... He starts to creep into the conversation of how we talk about Tom Brady, how we talk about Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers.

Say I had been with a guy like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees all of my career. Are you kidding me?

What an amazing day," Bree said, stretching in her seat.

"Thanks to me and my weather charm." I said lightly. Robbie and Hunter both looked at me in alarm. "You didn't," Said Robbie. "You didn't," Said Hunter. I was enjoying this. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Hunter looked upset. "You can't be serious!" Cahn't, I thought. Cahn too.

Life is full of choices. We don't always make good ones. It seems to Kristina you gotta be crazy to open your windows, invite the demons in. Bree throws rocks at the feeble glass, laughs

You have to admit he's good looking," Bree pressed, leaning against my kitchen counter. "Of course I admit it. I'm not blind," I said, busily opening cans.

Alone, there is only the person inside.

I've grown to like her better than the stuck-up husk of me. Alone, there is no perfect daughter, no gifted high school junior, no Kristina Georgia Snow. There is only Bree." (Ellen Hopkins)