Yes, I was in that game where George Brett hit that home run. Billy saw there was too much pine tar on the bat and he went to the umpire, the next thing we knew they were fighting about it.
— Bert Campaneris

The cast gets along pretty well, it's a good work environment. I hang out a lot with brett Claywell, he plays Tim Smith on the show. We play plenty of basketball.
James Lafferty brett quote

The belief that recipients of government aid are better off the more we spend on them is remarkably persistent. No matter how many times this central tenet of liberalism gets debunked, like Brett Favre, it just keeps coming back.
— Paul Ryan

Oh Jake, Brett said, We could have had such a damned good time together. Ahead was a mounted policeman in khaki directing traffic. He raised his baton. The car slowed suddenly, pressing Brett against me. Yes, I said. Isn't it pretty to think so?
— Ernest Hemingway

Uncle Brett had a definite vision that he was after, I don't think having a famous father affected him much.
— brett quotation by Kim Weston