Jerry Bruckheimer creates comedy, he just doesn't realize because he's a turd.

— Trey Parker

Contentment Bruckheimer quotations

With Jerry Bruckheimer, you know you'll get your money's worth.

You're getting huge action sequences, it's going to be funny, and you know it's going to look great.

When you work for Bruckheimer, you don't get it any better.

He's the ultimate producer. I've had the good fortune of working with some great producers over the years.

I think that Jerry Bruckheimer just kind of has his finger on the pulse of what America wants.

Some people have made a fortune by being employed.

Jerry Bruckheimer does not own his content. Warner Bros. owns his shows. They are on CBS, and he makes a fortune.

Nobody can make a movie as exciting as Jerry Bruckheimer.

When it's a Jerry Bruckheimer movie that it's going to have lots of chrome and gloss, it's going to be sexy, and it's going to be big and fun.

I pick my feature film battles very carefully.

They're going to be personal and they're going to take a lot of my energy. I'm not going to be some big production company and be Jerry Bruckheimer or something like that. It doesn't interest me.

Jerry Bruckheimer says that he makes films that he would want to see, and it seems that that coincides with what a lot of people want to see.

Jerry Bruckheimer really is an executive producer, who obviously is the most successful producer in the history of film and television.