quote by Anthony Holden

I mean Buckingham Palace has never hired a professional public relations outfit let alone a Madison Avenue type and they would throw up their hands in horror at the very idea.

— Anthony Holden

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I have been to Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street but cannot get on the BBC. I am very disappointed because it boils down to snobbery.

When I'm singing I'm always trying to get to the highest point possible.

I'd fly to the top of Buckingham Palace to sing to the queen.

The day I'm in England performing, English security let a man in a Batman suit climb Buckingham Palace. I felt so much safer... Batman was on the wall of Buckingham Palace for five hours. Wouldn't happen in America - three minutes: dead Batman.

People in England who do not like gardening are very few, and of the few there are, many do not own to it, knowing that they might just as well own to having been in prison, or got drunk at Buckingham Palace.

I went to Buckingham Palace and I wanted to take something from there, but there was nothing good to steal, although I did nick some serviettes with ER and Her Majesty on them from the Jubilee celebrations.

When George [Harrison] died the guards at Buckingham Palace played a medley of George's songs during the changing of the guard; that sort of thing never happens.

Britain is obviously one of the world powers and they bombed the World Trade Centre, which is a landmark in itself, and over in Britain you've got Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower, which are big buildings, so to speak.

It would be interesting to go to Buckingham Palace.

I'd just like to see what goes on - I'm not bothered about hearing any political chat.

It would be good to see what the Queen gets up to at Buckingham Palace.

I bet she spends her whole time watching 'Coronation Street.'

He thinks he is a flower to be looked at And when he pulls his frilly nylon pants right up tight He feels a dedicated follower of fashion. When a waiter at Buckingham Palace spilled soup on her dress: Never darken my Dior again!

You don't go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater.