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Operating budget quotes - The operating budget contains the expenditure and revenue generated from the daily business functions of the company. The operating budget concentrates

Ibis Budget quotes - Ibis Budget (stylised ibis budget) is an economy hotel brand specialized in essential comfort at a budget price and owned by Accor. Created in 1992 in

Government budget quotes - A government budget is a document prepared by the government or other political entity presenting its anticipated revenues and proposed spending for the

Black budget quotes - A black budget is a government budget that is allocated for classified or other secret operations of a nation. The black budget is an account expenses

Budget process quotes - A budget process refers to the process by which governments create and approve a budget, which is as follows: The Financial Service Department prepares

Balanced budget quotes - balanced budget (particularly that of a government) is a budget in which revenues are equal to expenditures. Thus, neither a budget deficit nor a budget surplus

Budget of NASA quotes - Space Administration (NASA) receives its funding from the annual federal budget passed by the United States Congress. The following charts detail the amount

Budget Direct quotes - Budget Direct is a low cost, value focused insurance brand of Auto & General headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Their Car and Home Insurance policies

Military budget quotes - A military budget (or military expenditure), also known as a defense budget, is the amount of financial resources dedicated by a state to raising and maintaining