quote by Greg Walden

As the GAO report recognizes, the long-term health of our forests relies on additional fuel reduction options and funding to reduce the risks that catastrophic fire poses to our nation's ecosystems, communities and federal budgetary resources.

— Greg Walden

Bashful Budgetary quotations

Do not compromise on national security for purely budgetary reasons.

The world is dangerous, and we must always be prepared for anything that might threaten our national interests and security.

In the area of macroeconomic policies, I think we'll see more centralization, like in the budgetary sphere.

I have voted to make tough decisions in budgetary times, I've served on two recessionary budgets, my opponent has never served on any a budget committee where there was less money to spend than the year before.

The government has made $44 trillion in promises we can't afford to keep.

We must get serious now about our long-term budgetary problems, recognizing that the sooner we act, the less painful the choices will be.

The respect for a musical score must come from the director.

.. If the director has no power and has to surrender to budgetary constraints, this is where we have the problem.

You spend most of your time as a director trying to move forward with the movie.

It happens on a daily basis, if not more than once a day, that you are struggling with budgetary constraints. Whereas when you're writing, the limitation that you have is your imagination. So it's decidedly non-pragmatic.

The sad thing is, our foreign policy WILL change eventually, as Rome's did, when all budgetary and monetary tricks to fund it are exhausted.

The budget caps were busted, mightily so.

And we are reviewing with people like Judd Gregg from New Hampshire and others some budgetary reform measures that will reinstate - you know, possibly reinstate budgetary discipline. But the caps no longer - the caps, I guess they're there. But they didn't mean much.

Canada is in budgetary deficit now only because of the recession, only because of stimulus measures, and we will come out of it. We will go back into surplus position when the economy recovers. So there is no need in Canada to raise taxes.

The Simpsons can go anywhere in the world and not worry about any budgetary issues. However, even when the show has had its run, I think the characters can go on in perpetuity.

The unjustified swelling of the budgetary deficit and the accumulation of public debts are just as destructive as adventurous stock-jobbing.

I think we all know the budgetary environment we live in.

We all know the troubling future for federal deficits. They should pay for everything. This shouldn't be special on this bill or another one. The Congress has to get serious about controlling spending.

I am strictly against making cuts in the current budgetary period for things such as research funding and investments as a reaction to Brexit. I think that we can do an excellent job of explaining this to the German people.

We don't know whether we'll be able to go to school because of budgetary constraints; that might not be bad because the schools are not doing anything of value for our children in the first place. Jesus said you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears and if the educational system of White America is good for us, where is the fruit from that system that says so?

The president doesn't get a line-item veto, so all the budgetary approps stuff is with Congress.

I can take strange detours and linger in places and do things that have no budgetary restraints.

I think as of right now, we're not hiring an individual to be a series regular and be in every episode to replace her. We're dealing with what we have, and some of it has to do with, as shows get older - I'm learning this as a new to a long lasting series - you start to have maybe some budgetary pressures over time, as people's salaries go up.

In a novel, the only budgetary limitations are that of your imagination.

Growth in any individual European country has to be the result of policies for growth pursued in that country consistent with budgetary discipline.

When you talk about raising that debt limit, the only way that I would ever support raising the debt limit if we also talk about budgetary controls on the federal government, capping its spending, how do we deal with the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid problems, because they cannot continue to run on auto-pilot.

Whenever I think about the budgetary problems, I think about the problems of Errol Flynn ... reconciling net income with gross habits.

Here we go again, a government which is making yet more excuses for yet more failure when it comes to getting our budgetary situation right.

Under budgetary pressure (arbitrary or not) it is truly remarkable how many options one discovers one can do without.

In an age when schools are facing significant budgetary restraints, there is a greater need than ever to make chess available to as many students as possible. We've assembled the very best in chess education to develop a complete chess curriculum - K through 12. We've designed a program that encourages creativity, instills self-discipline and offers hope and a feeling of accomplishment to millions of children.

The budgetary cost to the UK of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through 2010 will total more than £18 billion. If we include the social costs the total impact will exceed £20 billion.

Hurtling the Pentagon into an unprecedented budgetary meltdown is horrifically irresponsible. Obama doesn't care. This is war - not against the Taliban, but war against the GOP. He has Republicans on the ropes, and that's a victory he savors and desires - unlike Afghanistan, where he seems only to want to turn tail.