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"Half genius and half buffoon," Freeman Dyson ... wrote. ... [Richard] Feynman struck him as uproariously American-unbuttoned and burning with physical energy. It took him a while to realize how obsessively his new friend was tunneling into the very bedrock of modern science.

— James Gleick

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It is unpardonable conceit not to laugh at your own jokes.

Joking is undignified; that is why it is so good for one's soul. Do not fancy you can be a detached wit and avoid being a buffoon; you cannot. If you are the Court Jester you must be the Court Fool.

Sometimes, political campaigns make decent people act and talk like perfect buffoons.

That's where I'm comfortable - playing a jackass on the scene, rolling in with my pocket watch and my buffoon hairdo, with my shoes.

With a woman of sophistication, class and modesty and refinement, I become a totally tongue-tied buffoon. I can't even look her straight in the face.

I refuse the title of artist to those who owe their reputations to a physical deformity. I regard them as buffoons.

Those who flashin' don't blast, they still buffoons, Just blowin out hot air, they should fill balloons. I'm like them shorties that could kill for goons, They started hustlin' in April to cop wheels in June.

I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.

There is one school of thought that says Mayors should cut ribbons, be funny and be a buffoon. The other school of thought is that we can do more. Scotland is getting more powers. Wales is getting more powers. Greater Manchester. London needs more powers.

I think some people see me as being some kind of lovable, bumbling buffoon, and I'm actually quite mouthy and sharp, and that doesn't compute.

Oh! a private buffoon is a light-hearted loon, If you listen to popular rumour;

From morning to night he's so joyous and bright, And he bubbles with wit and good humour!

We're making tin gods out of those poor buffoons in Hollywood;

I dote on movies and appreciate the scanty art therein but I consider the profession about the most debased and debasing I know.

Laughter is a most healthful exercise;

it is one of the greatest helps to digestion with which I am acquainted; and the custom prevalent among our forefathers, of exciting it at table by jesters and buffoons, was in accordance with true medical principles.

In this acausal world, scientists are helpless.

Their predictions become postdictions- Their equations become justifications, their logic, illogic. Scientists turn reckless and mutter like gamblers who cannot stop betting. Scientists are buffoons, not because they are rational but because the cosmos is irrational. Or perhaps it is not because the cosmos is irrational but because they are rational. Who can say which, in an acausal world?

Writers tend to think they occupy a much more relevant place in society than we actually do. But we really are closer to buffoons and jesters than we are to whistle-blowers or moral guides. Accepting our rather insignificant place in society can be depressing - but it's also freeing.

I loved Hank Kingsley. He was very real to me. There was just something about that character. I really believed him. I didn't think he was a buffoon. I understood the inner workings of him, so I sort of felt sorry for him, the poor guy. He was very important to me.

Ahmadinejad is just a buffoon, sort of a clown on the international scene who tries to be provocative so he can get his name in the paper and his face on television.

Donald Trump was just an entertaining buffoon to watch.

At the same time, you had Barack Obama as a president.

You had Hillary Clinton on track, all the Democrats looking good. And, you know, Donald Trump was just an entertaining buffoon to watch. And, over time, you came to realize that Donald Trump was appealing to a lot of people with his populist message. And, slowly, I think, even as a show, we started shifting in tone as the election started shifting.

Now I think liberals have gone from underreacting to Trump and saying that Trump is just a clown and a buffoon, and that Hillary Clinton's going to kick his ass, to now overreacting, and saying, "Oh my God, 60 million people consciously endorsed a white supremacist for president."

Everybody was telling [the Democrats], the media, everybody telling them they're gonna win in a landslide, [Donald] Trump's a buffoon, look at his campaign staff, a bunch of nobody's and know-nothings. Looks at his supporters, a bunch of white supremacist goombahs. They're in utter denial.

Even if Donald Trump wins, the establishment's not gonna go down a hole.

The establishment's not gonna slink away in defeat. The establishment is gonna look at this as one inexperienced buffoon who happened to get elected versus all of them who know the ropes inside and out of Washington, and they're gonna make it their objective to deny this guy anything and everything that represents anything he campaigned on.

Olympus has been a much welcomed return to my Shakespearean roots.

King Aegeus demanded a much greater range and depth that I've yet had the opportunity to tap on camera. Lab Rats was a wonderful opportunity for me to just go be a goofy buffoon, which I love. It was exhilarating to listen to all the funny lines the writers would come up with on the spot and then get to play them immediately.

Phillip Roth uses his Black women characters to make anti intellectual remarks about Black history month, begun by a man who reached intellectual heights that Roth will never attain. Roth is a petty bigot and his ignorant remarks about black culture expose him as a buffoon to scholars the world over.

That is Obama's signature move: Invent people who are saying ridiculous things and then encourage the audience to laugh at these made-up buffoons.

You're never going to see me playing a buffoon.

I think Donald Trump is a complete and utter buffoon and a cancer to our society.

It is by vivacity and wit that man shines in company;

but trite jokes and loud laughter reduce him to a buffoon.

A joker is near akin to a buffoon; and neither of them is the least related to wit.

I've always had a reputation as a buffoon.

In the cycle of a great civilization, the artist begins as priest, and ends as a clown or buffoon.

Buffoons, buffoons! One can play any tune on them!

I listen back, and I hear what's there, and I know in my heart, in my gut, that we [The Replacements] were the real deal. No one can take that away. You can call us buffoons, or clowns or whatever. But when we wanted to, we were as good as anybody.

I'm equal part genius, equal part buffoon.

Betcha I wet cha like hurricanes and typhoons, got buffoons eating my pussy while I watch cartoons.

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