The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.
— Winston Churchill

All generous minds have a horror of what are commonly called facts. They are the brute beasts of the intellectual domain. Who does not know fellows that always have an ill-conditioned fact or two that they lead after them into decent company like so many bull-dogs, ready to let them slip at every ingenious suggestion, or convenient generalization, or pleasant fancy? I allow no facts at this table.
Oliver Wendell Holmes bulldog quote

She has turned the British bulldog into a Reagan poodle.
— David Steel

Hold on with a bulldog grip, and chew and choke as much as possible.
— Abraham Lincoln

No breed of cats in its proper condition can by any stretch of the imagination be thought of as even slightly ungraceful - a record against which must be pitted the depressing spectacle of impossibly flattened bulldogs, grotesquely elongated dachshunds, hideously shapeless and shaggy Airedales, and the like.
— bulldog quotation by H. P. Lovecraft