Interest rates are going to go up because employment is going to go up. If employment goes up, then our apartments get filled. And if employment goes up, our office buildings get filled. The reality is that increased economic activity combined with increased interest rates is basically bullish for real estate.

— Sam Zell

Unusual Bullish quotations

I never hesitate to tell a man that I am bullish or bearish.

But I do not tell people to buy or sell any particular stock. In a bear market all stocks go down and in a bull market they go up.

It's a lot of fun finding a country that nobody knows about.

The only thing better is finding a country everybody's bullish on and shorting it.

I turn bullish at the instant my buy stop is hit, and stay bullish until my sell stop is hit.

I don't have the insight with the Longhorns that I do with the two teams that I own, but as a fan and reading the sports pages, I'm bullish about the Longhorns.

I learnt not to be desperate in bad times, and I am learning not to be bullish when times are good.

I'm very, very bullish about our prospects, and as I tell our board, as I tell our employees, this is the time to invest. There's so much opportunity. Let's just invest in that opportunity, and really get after it.

We are bullish on the health benefits, but they have to bring value.

I'm completely in charge of my own life now.

Sometimes there's no one there to slap me on the hand and say: 'Stop being so bullish and bossy,' and things like that.

I am bullish on the global development. I am bullish on billions of people getting out of poverty.

Before this century is over, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will probably be over one million versus around 10,000 now. So for the long-term, the outlook is tremendously bullish if you buy stocks blindly to keep for a century.

I'm quite bullish. We're coming up on year 15 of a flat stock market. Historically that's a pretty good sign. So I'm not a hedge-fund manager but if I was I think I'd be feeling pretty good.

I am very bullish on India because of its people, its culture, and the leadership. I love the culture and warmth of people.

I have always been bullish about India's potential.

I still am, and I feel India is a country that really has an enormous amount of potential and has the human capital to succeed.

I'm not bullish. I think they [Iran] have total disrespect for our country and I understand that deal. I would have lived with it if they said "OK, were all together now," but it's just the opposite. It's like they're emboldened. They follow our planes, they circle our ships with their little boats and they lost respect because they can't believe anybody could be so stupid as to make a deal like that.

People can be quite bullish with their opinions.

That does not mean they have their finger on the pulse. It just means they value their own opinion.

Whether a tops-down or bottoms-up investor in bonds, stocks, or private equity, the standard analysis tends to judge an investor or his firm on the basis of how the bullish or bearish aspects of the cycle were managed.