quote by John Green

So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

— John Green

Lavish Bunk quotations

My second favorite household chore is ironing.

My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.

I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was 'the man goes on top and the woman underneath.' For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds.

The man for whom history is bunk is almost invariably as obtuse to the future as he is blind to the past.

So far as the religion of the day is concerned, it is a damned fake ... Religion is all bunk.

sometimes it's better to bunk a class & enjoy with friends, coz today when I look back, marks never make me laugh memories do.

Proficiency in art is a contract with your self and the empowerment of your self. Not all of us demand or even desire proficiency, but for those who do it's necessary to temper the influence of groups. And while some artists think history is bunk, the historical evidence is overwhelming: "In my isolation I grow stronger."

A word of advice: If you get the choice between the upper and lower bunks in a cell, choose the lower. Prisons do not turn off their lights at night, and I spent a sleepless night, without a mattress, with a five-hundred-watt bulb shining directly into my eyes.

What I did, you know, being away from my family, letting so many people down.

I let myself down, not being out on the football field, being in a prison bed, in a prison bunk, writing letters home, you know. That wasn't my life.

All these people who think they deserve free health care, or a job, or a plasma screen TV, simply because they radiate heat at 98.6 degrees, or because they were born in a certain place, or because they have a certain skin color - it's all bunk. There's no such thing as a 'just' wage. There's only what you earn.

History is more or less bunk.

Exercise is bunk. If you are healthy, you don't need it: if you are sick you should not take it.

I'm okay with roaming around the world in my bunk for days on end.

Maybe every third day I'll get a shower or stumble out at dawn and realize I'm in a field in Poland. I like that kind of life.

Literary criticism is generally bunk.

Nonsense. Usually based on self-serving post-intellectual bullshit.

Religion is all bunk.

You know, that stuff about pink elephants, that's the bunk.

It's little animals. Little tiny turkeys in straw hats. Midget monkeys coming through the keyholes.

I'm a double bagger. Not only does my husband put a bag over my face when we're making love, but he also puts a bag over his head in case mine falls off.

I do it for the love. Bunk bed flow, always one level above.

...a third [of three] had died in his bunk of natural causes--for a dagger in the heart quite naturally ends one's life.

This country has gotten where it is in spite of politics, not by the aid of it.

That we have carried as much political bunk as we have and still survived shows we are a super nation.

I regard psychiatry as fifty percent bunk, thirty percent fraud, ten percent parrot talk, and the remaining ten percent just a fancy lingo for the common sense we have had for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, if we ever had the guts to read.

Americans' lack of passion for history is well known.

History may not quite be bunk, as Henry Ford suggested, but there's no denying that, as a people, we sustain a passionate concentration on the present and the future.

As a kid, I was terrified. I was a bed wetter and I had to go to sleepaway camp every summer, which was humiliating and terrifying. I had lots of insecurities and scaredness. I covered it with being funny and tough, but it's hard to be tough when you're making your cot in your bunk over soaking wet sheets and acting like nobody can smell anything.

I don’t know much about history, and I wouldn’t give a nickel for all the history in the world. It means nothing to me. History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history we make today.

... In a free society, skeptics are the watchdogs against irrationalism - the consumer advocates of ideas. Debunking is not simply the divestment of bunk; its utility is in offering a better alternative, along with a lesson on how thinking goes wrong.

You all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk.

What's this about flashing underwear?" says Uriah, sidestepping a bunk. "Whatever it is, I'm in.

I remember the first time Bill Fichtner and I had a scene together.

I've seen him in a few movies, from Armageddon to The Perfect Storm and Contact, and suddenly he's on a bunk bed and I'm on a bunk bed and we're doing this scene together. That was a real 'pinch me' moment.

I turned to my own bunk and examined it with a kind of appalled fascination.

If the mattress stains were anything to go by, a previous user had not so much suffered from incontinence as rejoiced in it. He had evidently included the pillow in his celebrations.

Exercise is bunk. If you are healthy you don't need it. If you are sick you shouldn't take it.

Time is bunk.

On the road, in my bunk, I sleep better than I do anywhere else in the world.

Since age twelve, I've felt like I'm someone else,'cause I hung my original self from the top bunk with a belt.

That wasn't the way that things was supposed to be.

And all because the so-called culture that I thought was right, that I thought it was cool, and I thought it was fun, and it was exciting at the time. It all led to me laying in a prison bunk by myself with no one to talk to but myself.

Every day we are slathered with the biggest bunk of lies and distortions and half-truths that I can recall. And all the while the American left is doing its best to bring down this country as founded.