quote by Pauline Hanson

My view on issues is based on common sense, and my experience as a mother of four children, as a sole parent, and as a businesswoman running a fish and chip shop.

— Pauline Hanson

Delighting Businesswoman quotations

My biggest challenge every day is to be a great mother and a great businesswoman.

It's emotional blackmail to say if you're a good businesswoman and a musician, you're betraying your music.

The things that are important to me - being a mother, a businesswoman, an activist - are all things that were borne out of great passion.

I don't like the word 'businesswoman.' Perhaps 'committed mother' would be the best description.

Fashion is not frivolous. I am a businesswoman, a very serious person.

It used to be the one or the other, right? You were the 'bad girl' or the 'good girl' or the 'bad mother' or the 'good mother,' 'the horrible businesswoman who eschewed her children' or 'the earth mother who was happy to be at home baking pies,' all of that stuff that we sort of knew was a lie.

Phil Ershler is a world class climber and guide.

Sue Ershler is a first class businesswoman. But their story is not just about climbing and business. It is about two people in love who switch leads in life’s hard climb. A great read—inside or outside a tent!

As women, we often think we have to be all things to all people, all at the same time. As a wife, mother, actress and businesswoman, I definitely feel the pressure to perform well in all areas.

I'm a very determined businesswoman... I've got lots of things to do, and I don't have time to be classified as difficult, and I don't have time.

I'm a businesswoman. I am a music lover. I like for people to like my music. When you listen to top 40 radio, you hear pop stuff. You hear rock stuff. You hear all these different influences.

I've always been a businesswoman.

I've grown so much. I'm more picky about what I'll do,and I'm more of a businesswoman. But at the same time, I take care of myself. All I used to do was work. Now I'm comfortable in my own skin and have a good balance.

As a businesswoman you have to be open.

I'm always open to listening and learning and considering. However, I don't look at business as anything other than a partnership. And in any partnership both parties need to leave the table happy.

When children are little, they really need you in one way.

When they're bigger, they need you as a friend. And balancing motherhood and career makes you both a better mother and a better businesswoman.

I'm a businesswoman at the end of the day.

The one that sticks out in my mind and has all along was the New York Times piece on Melania Trump.Calling her a mannequin and a trophy wife, which if anybody had ever said that about any - Michelle Obama was a lawyer. But Melania Trump has been a successful businesswoman. She speaks several languages. A mannequin and a trophy wife and it was just - fine, they were allowed to say that about her.

I've always thought of myself as a businesswoman.

I have the creative side, but I also have this business sense.

One of my fondest memories was when I was in London as a young, independent businesswoman and stayed at Claridge's. I knew I had made it. To me, Claridge's is the most glamourous hotel in the world; I regard it as my home away from home. I am honoured to become part of the hotel's legacy and rich design history.

You have to think like a businessman or a businesswoman, and I can't wait to continue to grow, as an actress, but to also continue to grow as a brand and show people that I have so much more to offer.

I'm a highly, highly, highly creative human being.

I write music all the time. I write scripts constantly. I run my own production company. I'm also a very determined businesswoman. I've a town to deal with. I've got a lot of things to do and I don't have time to be classified as difficult, and I don't have time to care.

I feel like I'm a professional. I've been a professional for a number of years. I'm a businesswoman and a tax lawyer and a professional and so that's how I treat other people.

Marilyn was a great actress, not a dumb blond bombshell.

She was very smart, very astute and a good businesswoman.

I think Katie Price is a really good businesswoman. She has made so much money.

Modeling is not something you excel because you are clever but is based on physical appearance, but then you have to be a businesswoman, like, to keep your longevity.

First, I think of myself as a brand, a businesswoman.

Musician is something I just do because it's my passion - I love it and it's something I do for fun. I love music and I love to make people dance.

The old lessons of submissiveness and fragility made us victims.

Women are so much more than that. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist - whatever you want to be - and still be a sexual being. It's not mutually exclusive.

I think we all want to be Gisele Bündchen.

Whether it inspires. Not only for her beauty. Successful she is, is a businesswoman, is an activist, a good mother is a strong woman and a good example to all the powerful women . Everybody wants to know what she does or says, rather than what she wears.

I was embarrassed when a businessman friend asked, 'What's the yearly budget of your talk show? What's the per-episode budget?' And I looked at him with these blank, typical-model eyes and said, 'I don't know.' I call myself a businesswoman and I don't know that? So that is my goal next year - to really dissect the budget.

I'm an artist, but I'm also a businesswoman, and sometimes you have to play hard.

I wasn't a businesswoman, so I didn't know how to build a career.

You can't be emotional if you're trying to be a businesswoman.

I'm a designer, not a businesswoman.

Elizabeth Keckley was a woman of remarkable strength, courage, perseverance, and dignity. She was exceptionally talented, but also very diligent and ambitious, and together those qualities enabled her to deliver herself from slavery and become a successful businesswoman.

But at the age of 44, I sure hope to be a better businesswoman.

I want to get the music straight to my fans.