quote by Larry Bird

Push yourself again and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.

— Larry Bird

Pleasurable Buzzer quotations

Keep fighting until the last buzzer sounds.

In sixth grade, my basketball team made it to the league championships.

In double overtime, with three seconds left, I rebounded the ball and passed it - to the wrong team! They scored at the buzzer and we lost the game. To this day, I still have nightmares!

In the game of life, when the final buzzer sounds, the only stat you carry with you is the number of assists you made.

As Jeopardy devotees know, if you're trying to win on the show, the buzzer is all. On any given night, nearly all the contestants know nearly all the answers, so it's just a matter of who masters buzzer rhythm the best.

Knowing lots of answers but being a millisecond slow on the buzzer is indeed very frustrating.

It seems to me that oftentimes in young relationships once there's a problem of some significance then it's almost like they're both racing for the dumper buzzer.

I wish I could end every rap song I didn't like with a buzzer.

Life is a buzzer box. Poke it.

Nowadays, it is possible to perform various forms of Low-Impact listening via the telephone. The advent of technological advances such as computer games and online services (like ones that let you check stocks) have enabled Low-Impact listeners to endure family phone calls much longer than in the past. Dangers include mouse clicks, heavy typing, or a sudden loud buzzer that goes off when you have finished Boggle.

For all the sirens, game-show buzzers, and drum-rolls of life, it is the nature of men to die quietly.

...playing with the Barbie-size keyboard on my new phone. Phones are like toys now. They fit in your pocket, light up and vibrate like joy buzzers. Plus, you can get-I mean, "access"-the Internet and find anything you want. Music. Maps. Porn. Anything. If cell phones came with a cigarette dispenser, they'd be the greatest stupid invention ever.

I walked down my snow covered street.

Out of habit I turned and checked for my footsteps. When I arrived at my building I looked for my name on the buzzers. And because I know that sometimes I see things that aren't there, after dinner I called Information to ask if I was listed.(25)