Hear about the Californian terrorist that tried to blow up a bus? Burned his lips on the exhaust pipe. He can take his'n and beat your'n, then he can take your'n and beat his'n.

— Bum Phillips

Colossal Californian quotations

My life doesn't change. I still have to go out and work hard every day, and do the best that I can do. I'm a third generation Californian, and there's a lot of talented, good-looking guys in California, so I'm just happy to be working, and lucky to be working.

California deserves whatever it gets.

Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom.

East is East, and West is San Francisco, according to Californians.

Californians are a race of people; they are not merely inhabitants of a State.

El Salvador has the scenery of northern California and the climate of southern California plus - and this was a relief - no Californians.

Disneyland is such a big thing to Californians, I discovered that when you cross the border you have to raise your right hand and take an oath that you believe in Walt Disney.

I loved Wimbledon and what it meant, but the surface felt uncomfortable.

I just didn't like it, I was a hard-court guy, a Californian kid.

We Californians are constantly accused of not having seasons, but we do.

We have fire, flood, mud, and drought.

They always say to Californians that we don't have seasons.

Of course, that is not true. We have fire, flood, mud and drought.

East is East, and West is San Francisco

Only a Californian would have observed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the real fake from the fake fake.

Californians tend to be outspoken. When the great migration began, the more timid people must have stayed home, and the bolder ones headed west.

About California... "I thought it was an appalling place. Then I went through a period of being amused by it. Now it's sort of both. Californians don't have that marvelous British cynicism, but then the British can be so patronizing at times.

The Californians are an idle, thriftless people, and can make nothing for themselves. The country abounds in grapes, yet they buy, at a great price, bad wine made in Boston.

The Germans have a wonderful combination of pathos, energy, and humor.

They are like Californians with an education.

Just as there are many more Californians now to be found in the temples of Kyoto or the villages of Bali or the mountains of the Himalayas than ever before, what is also exciting is that one can just go downtown Santa Barbara and find ayurvedic medicine, Thai restaurants, and Japanese cars in abundance.

Growing up in New York, I was sort of shocked when I realized that my children are Californians. They are 14 years old, and I explain to them frequently that they will never realize the glory of a snow day. You wake up and the world says, 'Oops, it's too much fun to go to school, you've got to stay home and deal with the snow!'

Californians try everything once.

You don't need it, but will you take some advice from a Californian who's been around for a while? Cherish these rivers. Witness for them. Enjoy their unimprovable purpose as you sense it, and let those rivers that you never visit comfort you with the assurance that they are there, doing wonderfully what they have always done.

Public opinion has been evolving nationwide when it comes to marijuana policy, and Californians have always been ahead of the curve.

It is fatally easy for Western folk, who have discarded chastity as a value for themselves, to suppose that it can have no value for anyone else. At the same time as Californians try to re-invent celibacy, by which they seem to mean perverse restraint, the rest of us call societies which place a high value on chastity backward.

Christian means coming from Christ. Just as a Californian comes from California and a Bostonian is someone who comes from Boston, A Christian is one who comes from Christ.

Pension reform can be hard to talk about.

In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It's in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now.

Louie and Seabiscuit were both Californians and both on the sports pages in the 1930s. I was fascinated. When I learned about his World War II experiences, I thought, 'If this guy is still alive, I want to meet him.'

We Californians can watch the Weather Channel for images of winter's brutality unleashed upon our fellow Americans and thank our lucky stars we don't have to contend with it.

Californians devised a system of electricity sales that ignored every dimension of the free market.

Californians are people who insist on growing their own vegetables, but they won't dig up the pretty lawn, won't plant anything for fear of getting dirty, and they use fragrant bath salts from The Body Shop instead of smelly compost.

If every four years in a presidential election, if you're a New Yorker or a Californian, and you realize that you are so much less important, that nobody is actually kind of targeting your needs because they're laser-focused on what will play in Florida and on what will play in Virginia.

I really consider myself a Californian, but I have those great comedic roots in Brooklyn.

Mexico doesn't seem alien to Californians.

As long as there have been people in California, there have been people obsessed with California`s water. Scientists say the state is at its driest point in half a millennium and as any Californians will tell you, it is not just their problem, it`s everyone`s problem.

I found while driving in Wyoming that wearing a stetson and driving a beat-up pickup meant you could go as fast as you like, while the police picked up Californian winnebagos that went one mph over 55. After all, they wanted to bring money into the state, not merely circulate it.

I'd trained to be a diplomat but the state department said I was too liberal.

I saw an ad in the New York Times ... a hack Californian editor came to New York to butcher some films and he needed an assistant. For some reason I read it that day and it changed my life. I went to work for him and he was horrible, butchering these masterpieces by Antonioni, Visconti, but I learned enough to know what he was doing wrong.

I am motivated by the fact that in the next 365 days, 136,000 Californians will die and most of them will go into an eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 2.4 million Americans will die; most of them will go into eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 74 million people in the world will go into eternity without Christ and without hope. I can't live with that.

A new study says that over half of all Californians are obese.

In fact, half of Californians are really two-thirds of Californians.