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Cameron Diaz was so cute at the MTV Movie Awards when she pulled her skirt up and wiped her armpits.

— Pink

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James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron.

James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is... James Cameron.

We're seniors." "I know," I said "So aren't you... curious?" "About what?" "About life. Out there. Life!" she said again. "Tell me, Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?" We'd reached another door, and I stopped and looked up at the camera that monitored the entrance, just as I whispered, "Alive.

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Who would have thought that [director] Cameron Crowe had a movie as bad as Vanilla Sky in him? It's a punishing picture, a betrayal of everything that Crowe has proved he knows how to do right.

Tell me Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?... Alive

Much as I would have liked to respond factually and truthfully to each and every piece of misinformation spread by the Brexit campaign, it was important that I stayed out of the domestic political debate. It was David Cameron's task to win the UK referendum, not ours.

I can't be anonymous by reason of your confounded photographs. (To Julia Margaret Cameron)

I am supporting David Cameron purely out of cynical self-interest.

"I count a lot of things that there's no need to count," Cameron said.

"Just because that's the way I am. But I count all the things that need to be counted."

We vote to leave, we get rid of this Prime Minister - dishonest Dave [Cameron] - and we get a better Prime Minister.

When Cameron's Conservatives come to power it will be a golden age for cyclists and an Elysium of cycle lanes, bike racks, and sharia law for bike thieves. And I hope that cycling in London will become almost Chinese in its ubiquity.

The next election will be a flyweight versus a heavyweight.

However much the right hon. Gentleman [David Cameron] may dance around the ring beforehand, at some point, he will come within the reach of a big clunking fist...

My friend James Cameron and I made three films together - True Lies, The Terminator and Terminator 2. Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.

The internet makes it much easier for politicians to communicate directly with voters - think of the interest when David [Cameron] launched WebCameron, or Tony Blair's rather embarrassing attempt to catch up on YouTube.

- I hate to break this to you, Cameron, but you are only human.

- Shh... I've been trying to keep that under wraps for years.

James Cameron has always been way ahead of the curve in terms of the use of technology in his movies.

I could not finish the rest of the tours the band had planned.

I was replaced by Matt Cameron. The next years of my life were about recovery, healing, and right living. I never lost the need to create.

You're surfing with all this glamour, and a lot of people are talking about Gwyneth, JLo, and Cameron.

The newest Ferrari of them all, the 458, the Italia.

The GT3 was good, but nowhen near as good as this... almost nothing on Earth is as good as this... Set that something I've just told, involving Cameron Diaz... and some honey... then it comes that even that isn't as good as this.

Cameron Indoor Stadium is a special place in sports and there's really nothing else out there quite like it. Anytime I'm inside Cameron, I've got memories. Cameron is like Yankee Stadium or the old Boston Garden.

I think if you look at Sam Raimi and Jim Cameron, those guys know things about filmmaking that almost nobody knows anymore. They are students of film from when they handmade films themselves, you know cut films with their own hands and razor blades and tape.

Courtney Love is really cool and funny.

I would like to meet Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. I think I could play their daughters.

My favorite actresses are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Julie Andrews.

I finished the recordings I had started with Eleven.

Matt Cameron joined for the rest of those sessions.

Cameron was able to get an inside look at professional football from the standpoint of athletes and agents and general managers that few people have ever seen.

What London wants is a champion, a fighter for London.

It doesn't want a patsy of George Osborne or David Cameron.

[The rumor that David Cameron maybe once did this unspeakable thing with a pig's head] it was freakish and weird. It seemed such a coincidence that I couldn't quite process it. And then, as it sank in, I genuinely had the thought, "Am I living in a Truman Show sort of VR simulation designed to send me insane?"

I stay subjective because that's what I do.

That's one of my abilities. I don't need to watch it because I've had the adventure. I don't do low-budget acting. I do the same acting, whether I'm in a Jim Cameron or not. I always try to do good work. There's no snobbery in there

The scumbags are taking over the streets.

I don't know what David Cameron and Gordon Brown are going to do about it. It all goes back to the Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher) years. It sounds like a cliché but that's when the rot set in.

I came out of film school and went after movies that I thought audiences wanted to see or that the studios wanted, as opposed to the movies that I wanted. Over the last 10 years, I've gravitated more and more toward the films that I grew up loving - classic Spielberg, Lucas, James Cameron and Ridley Scott movies.

My mentors are people like Cameron Crowe and Carrie Fisher.

I think the biggest lesson that I take from 'Avatar' on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you're used to working very, very long days and you're very meticulous about details. He's very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things.

Kirk Cameron pulls no punches in his exploration of mankind's greatest dilemma.

Unstoppable is a captivating, raw, and candid journey that gracefully delivers hope and poignant truth every step of the way. It's a masterful and timely production!

Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down.

Jim Cameron is proof that if you are good, you'll get promoted.