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Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sensual Cancer Survivor quotations

Saying sulfates do not cause acid rain is the same as saying that smoking does not cause lung cancer.

I was actually very pleased that they let me do it, because I feel very deeply for breast cancer survivors. I don't have it, but it is in my family. I've always been very aware of it. I go for mammograms and checkups.

My mom, she's a breast cancer survivor and because of that I had started getting mammograms once a year, starting at age 30.

Brain tumor survivors: don't become hopelessly discouraged if you are experiencing deficits. You in a war and you are bound to have a few battle wounds.

The present treatments for brain cancer are not curative.

We need new and better treatments. More funding for research. Legislation to improve the research system and to provide better access to care, treatment, and rehabilitation services for all brain tumor survivors.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

My cancer scare changed my life. I'm grateful for every new, healthy day I have. It has helped me prioritize my life.

Obviously, it wasn't meant for me to die of cancer at 40.

Every day my life surprises me, just like my cancer diagnosis surprised me. But you roll with it. That's our job as humans.

This particular nurse said, Cancer cells are those which have forgotten how to die. I was so struck by this statement.

Suspicion is the cancer of friendship.

I am living in Norway, where I am under the care of the best cancer doctor in Norway and I can be closer to my family.

I am about to get involved with the biggest cancer hospital in Norway.

They are building a fitness center to work with patients. I will be a consultant.

Winning isn't the end of the world

I haven't talked much about being an ovarian cancer survivor because I don't really want to define myself that way.

I've always been very involved in anything that had to do with lung disease or cancer.

I personally know women who are Breast Cancer survivors and will do all I can to support the cause. Besides, I love boobies!

Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist and more importantly, cancer survivor, has said 'if you ever get a second chance for something, you've got to go all the way.'

The truth is, if you asked me to choose between winning the Tour de France and cancer, I would choose cancer. Odd as it sounds, I would rather have the title of cancer survivor than winner of the Tour, because of what it has done for me as a human being, a man, a husband, a son, and a father.

I'm not sure I'd classify any topics as off-limits, but I don't look for new territories to offend. There's my joke about when my roommate beat cancer. People talk about cancer survivors like they're warriors, but from where I was sitting, she was just watching television and eating soup. Like, did she go to war? No. She kind of just sat around.

I am a breast cancer survivor. I was intrigued to learn how many people prefer to talk to someone if they are familiar with their face, like an actor or a politician. So, I began traveling around the country and doing speeches.

I pictured myself as a virus or a cancer cell and tried to sense what it would be like.

We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.

Being a breast cancer survivor, as I like to call myself - it will be twenty years next year - I did it to make it possible for women to do regular self breast examinations. It's really important - and, it makes common sense: you know your body better than the doctor does who only sees you once a year, you know?

I do a lot of races for the cure for breast cancer.

Cancer is a disease where the patient can contribute a great deal of help himself if he or she can retain their morale and their hopes.

Cancer has been unfortunately in my life.

My mom's best friend is kicking ass in her battle with breast cancer. Both of my grandmas had cancer. I recently lost a friend to cancer.

And I'll tell you, honestly, folks that I talk to, the 2.

5 million breast cancer survivors in America, that I am one of, understand that we're done with insurance companies dropping us or denying us coverage because of - because we have a preexisting condition.

Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.

Unfortunately, cancer is the number one killer of children in this country today, and it destroys not only these innocent victims, but their families as well.

Well, right now, technically, I have no breast cancer.

Cancer Boy probably has the saddest, noblest, sweetest heart of any character I've ever done.

Cancer, like any other illness, is a bore.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

So the only thing to really be afraid of is if you don't go get your mammograms.

I laughed more in the hospital than I ever have in my life, making fun of all the weird things that were happening to me.

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