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What was it about Carolyn that made her so cautious about revealing herself? — Michael Bergin

I was going to get the Carolyn Bessette story out of her one way or another. — Michael Bergin

Christmases past, my sister Carolyn and I - we'd been waiting for Santa all night. Nothing! Where is this man? — Aretha Franklin

Writers like Twain, Whitman, Dickinson, Melville, Louise Erdrich, Toni Morrison, Russell Banks, Carolyn Chute, Alice Walker, so many others that I read coming up as a writer, that helped form my ideas of what it means to be American - and an American writer. I'm always in conversation with them. — Micah Perks

It's been Axelle's [Carolyn] and my burden to bear, for better or worse. A very fun burden to bear. — Mike Mendez

It's Axelle's [ Carolyn] concept and she's the one who got the ball rolling. She told a few of us about it, and I brought in Epic Pictures and got it financed. — Mike Mendez

If you can't fall asleep, learn how to meditate. I would recommend you listen to a beautiful tape called Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice [Energy Evaluation Meditations For Morning and Evening, 1998]. It was the one that got me out of my writer's block when I was writing Caramelo. It's by Carolyn Myss. — Sandra Cisneros

One of the problems and the reason why Carolyn [Maloney ] wrote the book, the Rumors of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated is that some people think we have made it when we have not and there's much to be done. — Eleanor Smeal