How happy the lot of the mathematician! He is judged solely by his peers, and the standard is so high that no colleague or rival can ever win a reputation he does not deserve. No cashier writes a letter to the press complaining about the incomprehensibility of Modern Mathematics and comparing it unfavorably with the good old days when mathematicians were content to paper irregularly shaped rooms and fill bathtubs without closing the waste pipe.
— W. H. Auden

My parents were working class folks. My dad was a bartender for most of his life, my mom was a maid and a cashier and a stock clerk at WalMart. We were not people of financial means in terms of significant financial means. I always told them, 'I didn't always have what I wanted. I always had what I needed.' My parents always provided that.
Marco Rubio cashier quote

Like all New York hotel lady cashiers she had red hair and had been disappointed in her first husband.
— Al Capp

Spring beckons! All things to the call respond; the trees are leaving and cashiers abscond.
— Ambrose Bierce

I don't know about you, but most of my exchanges with cashiers are not that meaningful.
— cashier quotation by Jeff Bezos