1. 10

    Music causes us to think eloquently.

  2. 9

    Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

  3. 8

    Most of the shadows of life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.

  4. 7

    Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.

  5. 6

    The inner speech, your thoughts, can cause you to be rich or poor, loved or unloved, happy or unhappy, attractive or unattractive, powerful or weak.

  6. 5

    Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities.

  7. 4

    Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.

  8. 3

    Shallow people believe in luck and in circumstances; Strong people believe in cause and effect.

  9. 2

    How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.

  10. 1

    At sometime in our lives a devil dwells within us, causes heartbreaks, confusion and troubles, then dies.

  11. Last Update: November, 2020

  1. image quote by Eckhart Tolle

    Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there.

  2. image quote by Maya Angelou

    Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but is has not solved one yet.

  3. image quote by

    Keep listening to music, cause it gets you through everything, I promise.

  4. image quote by Richard Branson

    Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause, and contributes to a good life.

  5. image quote by

    Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress

  6. image quote by Woody Allen

    Sex relieves tension - love causes it.

  7. image quote by Maya Angelou

    HATE. Caused a lot of problems but not solved one!

  8. image quote by Sayings

    Stress is caused by giving a fuck.

  9. image quote by

    Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.

  10. image quote by Paulo Coelho

    Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused when we are living to please others.

  11. image quote by Eckhart Tolle

    The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.