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Being a Christan is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God's will.

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Long experience has taught me this about the status of mankind with regard to matters requiring thought: the less people know and understand about them, the more positively they attempt to argue concerning them, while on the other hand to know and understand a multitude of things renders men cautious in passing judgment upon anything new.

Cautiousness quote The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.
The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

We must be cautious in claiming God is on our side.

I think the real question we must answer is, are we on His side?

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It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might has well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.

You can be cautious or you can be creative, but there’s no such thing as a Cautious Creative.

Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.

Every morning, I shall concern myself anew about the boundary, Between the love-deed-Yes and the power-deed-No, And pressing forward honor reality. We cannot avoid, Using power, Cannot escape the compulsion, To afflict the world, So let us, cautious in diction, And mighty in contradiction, Love powerfully.

Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputations.

.. can never effect a reform.

It is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman.

Don't make a hasty movement. Be like a mountain. Move silently and cautiously.

I'm always cautious about overstepping any boundaries.

At the end of the day, it's a director's medium, and if they don't want to hear from me I just step back.

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

I used to be such a daredevil but now I'm much more cautious.

I'm just a careful person around wheels and stuff like that.

I try to be as cautious as I can, cause I lost friends to motorcycle accidents and car accidents. So I don't ever play around anything like that.

The essence of liberalism is negotiation, a cautious half measure, in the hope that the definitive dispute, the decisive bloody battle, can be transformed into a parliamentary debate and permit the decision to be suspended forever in an everlasting discussion.

I also say with backbends, you have to be cautiously bold.

Not carelessly bold. You have to descend to the dictation of the spine. You cannot command from the brain to do the poses. As you play with a child, guarding the child from injuries, similarly you have to play in backbends, guarding your spine.

There's an importance of keeping an open mind.

The brain is programmed to protect us, and that can mean imposing limits on what it thinks we can or should do. Constantly push at those limits, because the brain can be way too cautious.

America was founded by people who believe that God is their Rock of safety.

A cautious creative is an oxymoron.

Sane and intelligent human beings are like all other human beings, and carefully and cautiously and diligently conceal their private real opinions from the world and give out fictitious ones in their stead for general consumption.

It was leadership here at home that gave us strong American influence abroad, and the collapse of imperial Communism. Great nations have responsibilities to lead, and we should always be cautious of those who would lower our profile, because they might just wind up lowering our flag.

My mind is cautious but my heart is in a hurry.

I was cautious in what I said before the young lady;

for I could not be sure that she was sane; and, in fact, there was a certain restless brilliancy about her eyes that half led me to imagine she was not.

Prudent, cautious self-control, is wisdom's root.

The timid man calls himself cautious, the sordid man thrifty.

The best lessons are usually learned from failure.

You musn't beat yourself up if you fail - just pick yourself up, learn as much as you can from the experience and get on with the next challenge...The brave may not live forever, but the cautious never live at all.

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Anthropology has reached that point of development where the careful investigation of facts shakes our firm belief in the far-reaching theories that have been built up. The complexity of each phenomenon dawns on our minds, and makes us desirous of proceeding more cautiously. Heretofore we have seen the features common to all human thought

Let us, cautious in diction, And mighty in contradiction, Love powerfully.

To be cautious, one should not take high confidence as any absolute guarantee of anything.

If you really want to find out what you're capable of, you cannot put limits on yourself, and you definitely cannot be cautious.

Man is made for science; he reasons from effects to causes, and from causes to effects; but he does not always reason without error. In reasoning, therefore, from appearances which are particular, care must be taken how we generalize; we should be cautious not to attribute to nature, laws which may perhaps be only of our own invention.

Who can hope to be safe? who sufficiently cautious? Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush.

Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation.

You ought to be extremely cautious, watchful, jealous of your liberty;

for instead of securing your rights, you may lose them forever.

Guard, O my soul, against pomp and glory.

And if you cannot curb your ambitions, at least pursue them hesitantly, cautiously. And the higher you go, the more searching and careful you need to be.