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Picture quote by Tupac Shakur about motivational

We wouldn't ask why a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals, in turn, we would celebrate its tenacity, we would all love its will to reach the sun, well, we are the roses, this is the concrete and these are my damaged petals, don't ask me why, thank god, and ask me how. ⏤ Tupac Shakur

Picture quote by Desmond Tutu about celebration

Let us celebrate Madiba together, and not let him down. ⏤ Desmond Tutu

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Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle.

Martha Graham, dancer

I think Christmas is about celebration and come on, on the inside everyone wants to dance.

TobyMac, musician

I'm not going to be caught around here for any fool celebration. To hell with birthdays!

Norman Rockwell, artist

There really isn't a time to pause and have a celebration. I feel so serious about the whole thing.

Story Musgrave, astronaut

The Round-Up is a wonderful community celebration, and I greatly enjoy the chance to visit with residents and see so many families enjoying the festivities offered throughout the week.

Greg Walden, politician

To a certain extent, this tour is a celebration of individuality and that you can invent and reinvent yourself. You should have the power to be able to do that. Sexuality is a part of that. It should release you. It doesn't have to be an issue. It shouldn't box you in.

Neil Tennant, musician

The applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience. It constitutes a shared moment of delight.

John Charles Polanyi, scientist

There is not enough celebration of companionship. Relationships aren't just about eroticism and sexuality.

Francesca Annis, actress

When he died, Emerson was thought of as the representative American writer par excellence, and his point of view was still so potent that William James was honored to be asked to speak at a centenary celebration.

Howard Mumford Jones, writer

Writing Part of the Scenery has been a very different experience. I have been reminded of people and events, real and imaginary which have been part of my life. This book is a celebration of the land which means so much to me.

Mary Wesley, novelist

I really enjoyed the last scene at the Ewok celebration after the battle.

Peter Mayhew, actor

For instance, some early ideas for Florida were done only recently. The idea of a little village was there from the beginning and now we have this "Celebration" village. Same thing for the Disney Institute. Walt talked about this idea in the very first.

John Hench, artist

And for the city's birthday, we will host events in every neighborhood of the city, inviting all of our residents to share in the celebration of Boston's great epic - the story of neighbors who support one another where it matters most.

Thomas Menino, politician

The official independence celebration was going to be held over four or five days, and a group of journalists from all over the world was allowed to fly in, because Angola was closed otherwise.

Ryszard Kapuscinski, journalist

Cinco de Mayo has come to represent a celebration of the contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanics have made to America.

Joe Baca, politician

This year's Veterans Day celebration is especially significant as our country remains committed to fighting the War on Terror and as brave men and women are heroically defending our homeland.

John Doolittle, politician

Today is a celebration of hope for the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people can now take control of their government and their future by creating a society that protects the rights endowed to us by our creator - life, liberty and freedom.

Jim DeMint, politician

If whiteness were of no particular advantage, then having a fuller color wheel of skin tones would be purely a matter of celebration. But whiteness - just a drop of it - does still carry privilege. You learn that very young in America.

Eric Liu, writer

The Olympic Games are the quadrennial celebration of the springtime of humanity.

Pierre de Coubertin, leader

I was born and trained to communicate music, just as the sons were born and trained to hunt, and I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music-that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life.

Georg Solti, musician

What I love about the East End is that there's a great perseverance, determination and courage. What I dislike about it is that there is sometimes a celebration of ignorance.

Eddie Marsan, actor

I don't necessarily want kids. A lot of our friends are having children and I don't know if it's for me. I haven't come down hardcore on either side of the argument. I think when people come from a stable family having children becomes a celebration and I'm not sure it would be that way for me.

Jon Hamm, actor

I love our shared island, our shared Ireland and its core decency. I love it for its imagination and its celebration of the endless possibilities for our people.

Michael D. Higgins, politician

I think the important thing now is to have a celebration and then with determination move into our common, shared, different future.

Michael D. Higgins, politician

I think it's time to have a celebration of life and renew our vows. And this time we're going to write the vows because they're going to mean a lot more. We certainly put the 'in sickness and in health' vow to the test the last year and half.

Bill Rancic, businessman

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

Paul Sweeney,

But there is a difference here: When Jewish children are murdered, Arabs celebrate the deed. The death of an Arab child is no cause for celebration in Israel.

Theodore Bikel, actor

Michael and Alex, I love you. And we're going to have the biggest celebration when you get home.

Susan Smith, criminal

Boxing is a celebration of the lost religion of masculinity all the more trenchant for its being lost.

Joyce Carol Oates, novelist

Every choice we make can be a celebration of the world we want.     

Frances Moore Lappe,

In celebration of this Earth Day, I encourage all Members of the House to support legislation aimed at investing in the improvement of water quality in our Nation's lakes, rivers, streams and estuaries.

Jerry Costello, politician

Celebrity - I don't even know what that means. Obviously it's the same basic word as celebration, but I don't know what's being celebrated.

James Woods, actor

I had a lot of time to think, and that is not good for your mind. And when it actually happened, it was not so much a celebration but the relief. It was an exorcism anxiety. After each race there is a procedure in which you get taken off to the podium and the TV interviews.

Damon Hill, athlete

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