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I remember a moment when the Prince went back to his old school, Grammar School in Melbourne, and slightly to his horror his old music teacher produced a cello.

— Anthony Holden

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The cello is like a beautiful woman who has not grown older, but younger with time, more slender, more supple, more graceful.

Blackbirds are the cellos of the deep farms.

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Electric guitars are an abomination, whoever heard of an electric violin? An electric cello? Or for that matter an electric singer?

Women play cellos and violins in symphony orchestras.

They're playing Beethoven and Bach. What do you mean they can't play rock and roll?

My teacher, my great cello teacher Leonard Rose, was such a great cellist, and nurturing man, very patient. But I grew up not only admiring him, but obviously Casals, Rostrotovich, Jacqueline du Pre, and many others, including many of my peers and contemporaries.

I played the cello from when I was ten, and then I bought a guitar from the father of some friends of mine and played that for a while. And then when I was fourteen or so, I bought a guitar - a real nice one - in Durham, North Carolina, that I worked with up until I was about twenty-five.

The cello is such a melancholy instrument, such an isolated, miserable instrument.

Thank God, I'll never have to play the cello again.

The cello is a hero because of its register - its tenor voice.

It is a masculine instrument, whereas the violin is feminine because of its soprano pitch. When the cello enters in the Dvorak Concerto, it is like a great orator.

I wouldn't want to hear Beethoven without beautiful bass, the cellos, the tuba.

It's very important. Hip-hop has thunderous bass. And so does Beethoven. If you don't have the bass, it's like being amputated. It's like you have no legs.

The only weapons I ever had were my cello and my baton.

I belong to an improv group, I play cello, I have these phases - fencing, tae kwon do, baseball, ice hockey, boogie boarding in the summer, snowboarding in the winter.

I want to create endless possibilities with this cello.

I become the medium through which the music is being channeled.

No, but a cello is the perfect string bass for an accordion. Works with it beautifully.

The Third Quartet I made the instruments in pairs - Two different pairs - Violin and viola, and violin and cello. They played very different things from each other all through the whole piece.

And then Adam Wilde shows up at Carnegie Hall on the biggest night of my career, and it felt like more than a coincidence. It felt like a gift. From them. For my first recital ever, they gave me a cello. And for this one, they gave me you.

With that incredible voice that he [Alan Rickman] could play like a sort of wonderful instrument, like a cello or something. He played his voice, and he could be the most subtle of actors. And he could also be quite a big actor. He could do the grandiose performances as well.

I don't want somebody who writes like me [in my writing staff].

Because I can write like me. I know what I'm capable of and what my limitations are. If you're going to build an orchestra, you don't want all tubas - you want a violin and you want a cello and you want a drum set.

How could anybody think of Bach as 'cold' when these [cello] suites seem to shine with the most glittering kind of poetry," Casals said. "As I got on with the study I discovered a new world of space and beauty... the feelings I experienced were among the purest and most intense in my artistic life!

The cello is like a beautiful woman who has not grown older, but younger with time, more slender, more supple, more graceful.

Sometimes, because of its immediacy, television produces a kind of electronic parable. Berlin, for instance, on the day the Wall was opened. Rostropovich was playing his cello by the Wall that no longer cast a shadow, and a million East Berliners were thronging to the West to shop with an allowance given them by West German banks! At that moment the whole world saw how materialism had lost its awesome historic power and become a shopping list.

My mother adores singing and plays piano.

My uncle was a phenomenal pianist. My brother John is a double bassist. I used to play the piano, badly, and cello. My brother Peter played violin.

I often play on the cello-bass side of the orchestra, because I prefer the deep sounds. I can't hear the violins well.

I enjoy singing, and the instruments which truly move me are the horn, the trumpet and the cello.

Whoever heard of an electric violin, electric cello or, for that matter, an electric singer?

But you have to give your whole life to a cello.

When I realized that, I went back to the guitar and just turned the volume up a bit louder.

I think I'll always feel a little in awe whenever I see someone in their 20s or 30s carrying a cello or violin case - because I know, if they're doing it professionally, how many years of practice have gone into being able to make music with them. And the sounds they can make just hit me very hard, and feel full of limitless complexity.

I don't want to discredit people's opinions of me, but you talk about the violin or the cello or lead guitar where you have to learn tons of chords, that's much more difficult.

I think a double bass for me would be too much effort.

But the cello, you're really engaged and the sound is kind of right here. So, it feels like being merged, married to an instrument.

I love the cello, I love the physical sense of an instrument that's about the size of your body that vibrates enough that even if you play an open string, you feel it.

I'd studied piano first and switched over to cello when I was about seven.

I played mostly chamber and solo classical music. I got really involved with rock music when I was a teenager. I wired up my cello.

People tend to eat through the cello.

They tend to take out the things that make it beautifully cello-y sometimes.

I'm always anxious in introducing sounds that don't originate with the cello.

The reason I make art is because I get to make a choice about who I am, what I do, and what I put out into the world, the footsteps I leave behind. It's a cliché for a reason - we all kind of work our own paths through the woods. There are not a lot of paths through the woods for someone who sings, plays the cello, and wants to tour on a human scale and create change in the world. I'm on my own path. It's pretty awesome.