We can't have cellphones, TV, radio or the Internet. If the president died, we'd have no idea. There's no normalcy. It's just like prison, with cameras.
— Nicole Polizzi

A Masai warrior on a cellphone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile comm than President Reagan did 25 years ago.
Peter Diamandis cellphones quote

We've all got navigation controls in our car. We maybe even [have them] in our cellphones. We know perfectly where all the ATMs are. ... But where would be the nearest AED to help a patient? We asked around and nobody knew.
— Lucien Engelen

The mobile market is exploding and it makes perfect sense for a media company like ours to create a real content destination for the billions of cell-phone users around the world.
— Peter Chernin

I've used a cellphone exactly twice. Things move on. The world changes. And I don't know it.
— cellphones quotation by Laura Hillenbrand