quote by Sugar Ray Robinson

To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.

— Sugar Ray Robinson

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Champ quote To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.
To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.

Part of being a champ is acting like a champ.

You have to learn how to win and not run away when you lose. Everyone has bad stretches and real successes. Either way, you have to be careful not to lose your confidence or get too confident.

My name will be written in fiery letters on the Champs Elysees.

Champ quote To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.
To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.

They say that when you're the champs, everybody will try to beat you.

Well, I'm glad we're champs, so bring'em on, bring'em all on. If we die, we ain't gonna die running. It's gonna be a fight.

I loved her fright, which was against me into the air! and the diamond white of her forelock which seemed to smart with thoughts as my heart smarted with life! and she'd toss her head with the pain and paw the air and champ the bit, as if I were Endymion and she, moon-like, hated to love me.

Joe Frazier's life didn't start with Ali.

I was a Golden Gloves champ. Gold medal in Tokyo '64. Heavyweight champion of the world long before I fought Ali in the Garden.

Champ quote The be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.
The be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.

See yourself confronting your fears in your mind's eye and handling those fears like a champ.

I welcome opposing viewpoints, but I should warn you that you'll be facing off against the 2nd-place finisher at the 1981 Charleston County High-School Debate Tournament. And whatever became of that county champ who argued in favor of tractor safety modifications? Last time I checked, she didn't have her own show.

We know what boredom is: it is a dull Impatience or a fierce velleity, A champing wish, stalled by our lassitude, To make or do. In the strict sense, of course, We invent nothing, merely bearing witness To what each morning brings again to light

Now the great winds shoreward blow Now the salt tides seaward flow Now the wild white horses play Champ and chafe and toss in the spray.

I tried to do the impossible on paper -- beat the middleweight champ coming up from 130 pounds.

I get a call, and it's Howard Bingham, and he's got the champ on the line.

Muhammad Ali didn't remember me from being a kid, but he was going, "Yeah, you're in bed, and you want your mama with you . . ." It really helped so much. He spent 15 or 20 minutes on the phone with me. That's a memory that I'll always cherish.

He's a great writer. If I didn't think so I wouldn't have tried to kill him... I was the champ and when I read his stuff I knew he had something. So I dropped a heavy glass skylight on his head at a drinking party. But you can't kill the guy. He's not human.

I figure I'll be champ for about ten years and then I'll let my brother take over - like the Kennedys down in Washington.

When I stand at the top of the Champs-Elysées, with its chestnut trees in flower, its undulations of shining cars, its white spaciousness, I feel as if I were biting into a utopian fruit, something velvety and lustrous and rich and vivid.

The world’s champ should be pretty like me!

I liked that title. I didn't want to lose it to anybody, but if I had to lose it, I'm glad I lost it to you. You're a good fighter and gonna be a great champ.

My father was champion of North Africa and he beat the European champ.

He was very good, a professional for 12 years. We're from a big family of boxers. My father has seven brothers.

I wanted to become a champ - I was surrounded by champs in my family and in my neighborhood - and because of this stupid accident, I lost my opportunity.

Shay Given is champing on the door to be involved this weekend

My goals were last year to win the world champs and this year to win the Olympic Games and I've done that and I couldn't be happier.

One thing we did well the whole tournament was keep fighting.

And no matter what happened the point before, missed opportunity, missed easy shot, we just played the next point and blocked it out of our mind. That's why we're the champs.

To win this league, the toughest league in the country, and to be outright champs is a tribute to their effort. It's a great lesson in life for our guys. It shows anything is possible.

More than anything else, though, to anyone who would write about it, golf offers a four-hour drama in two acts, which becomes memorable even in the tape-recorded reminiscenses of old champs, and which - in the hands of someone like Herb Wind - can become a piece of war correspondence as artfully controlled as Alan Morehead's account of Gallipoli.

To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.

People could see in me who I am now, an Olympic champ, the best in the world.

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I did my first recording. It was called The Champ.

It just meant a lot because it's something I've always wanted to do.

I've always wanted to be a Senior National Champ. I was Junior National Champ in 2002, so now to be the senior champ is great.

I never got into training to be an All-Ireland boxing champ or to win a belt.

At the start, I just got into it to learn how to defend myself when I got into situations.

I'm really Wallace Beery in 'The Champ.'

The name Muhammad is the most common name in the world.

In all the countries around the world - Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon - there are more Muhammads than anything else. When I joined the Nation of Islam and became a Muslim, they gave me the most famous name because I was the champ.

When I won the Golden Gloves in 1960, that made me realize I had a chance.

And when I won at the Olympics, that sealed it: I was the champ.

Writing the book was a pretty cool thing to go through, it really made me think of how crazy a journey it really was for this kid from Redwood City, Calif. When I was 12 years old, I was practicing my signature, but did I ever think I'd be a two-time Super Bowl champ, playing on arguably one of the best franchises of all time with the best quarterback of all time, for the best coach of all time?

Last year I was the favorite going into the world champs in Beijing, but I felt like I had to do something phenomenal in order to win. Instead of just having fun and competing, it became "I want to win so bad." But the person who wants it the most doesn't win. It's the person who executes. I still look back on that 200-meter race and say what the hell happened? I wasn't hurt, I wasn't sick, the conditions were perfect, and I ran like total crap.

I barely got out of school, I got out of school, mainly, because I was a champ, and I actually didn't pass. I won't name the teachers that put me through, but I want. If I was not a Muslim, or a follower of the Honorable Elijah Mohammed I couldn't talk to somebody for two minutes. I believe I can hold my own as an intelligent conversation, but it all come from the Honorable Elijah Mohammed.