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Science moves with the spirit of an adventure characterized both by youthful arrogance and by the belief that the truth, once found, would be simple as well as pretty.

James D. Watson, scientist

The age in which we live can only be characterized as one of barbarism. Our civilization is in the process not only of being militarized, but also being brutalized.

Alva Myrdal, diplomat

Each race (or variety) is characterized by a more or less distinct combination of inherited morphological, behavioral, physiological traits.

J. Philippe Rushton, psychologist

In addition to the decline in competition, American politics today is characterized by a growing ideological polarization between the two major political parties.

Thomas E. Mann, sociologist

A successful society is characterized by a rising living standard for its population, increasing investment in factories and basic infrastructure, and the generation of additional surplus, which is invested in generating new discoveries in science and technology.

Robert Trout, journalist

Our system provides for a winner to take office on January 20th, and he is expected to take command of the ship of state. Failure to do so, characterized by hesitation and indecision, will harm the national interest.

Richard V. Allen, public servant

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.

Albert Einstein, physicist

In these confused times, the role of classical music is at the very core of the struggle to reassert cultural and ethical values that have always characterized our country and for which we have traditionally been honored and respected outside our shores.

Lorin Maazel, musician

Fraud, robbery, and murder have characterized the English usurpation of the government of our country. Why, for the last fifty years we have been robbed in the matter of taxes of hundreds of millions.

John Edward Redmond, politician

When every one of your arguments is characterized an attempt to bring back slavery or resegregate lunch counters, it's a little hard to have any sort of productive debate.

Ann Coulter, journalist

Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.

Dalai Lama, leader

Every relationship between two individuals or two groups will be characterized by the ratio of secrecy that is involved in it.

Georg Simmel, sociologist

On the other hand, one factor helps us that no other liberation struggle in this region could count on - our liberation front is characterized by relatively highly developed class forces, tested in political struggles.

Joe Slovo,

Research programmes, besides their negative heuristic, are also characterized by their positive heuristic.

Imre Lakatos, philosopher

I have heard show business characterized as a refuge for childlike persons in flight from all things harsh and real.

Carroll O'Connor, actor

People are always defining and re-defining music. My style of playing has been characterized as smooth jazz and acid jazz. I listen as I play; I'm not caught up in defining the type of music I play.

Roy Ayers, musician

The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world.

Max Weber, economist

For my own part, I abandon the ethics of duty to the Hegelian critique with no regrets; it would appear to me, indeed, to have been correctly characterized by Hegel as an abstract thought, as a thought of understanding.

Paul Ricoeur, philosopher

No one has characterized market mechanisms better than Friedrich von Hayek.

Herbert Simon, scientist

By moving them vertically, a representative mean curve could be formed, and individual events were then characterized by individual logarithmic differences from the standard curve.

Charles Francis Richter, scientist

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