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The charitable give out the door and God puts it back through the window. — Proverbs

Be charitable before wealth makes you covetous. — Sir Thomas Browne

Be charitable and indulge to everyone, but thyself. — Joseph Joubert

Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven. — Henry Ward Beecher

It is only necessary to grow old to become more charitable and even indulgent. I see no fault committed by others that I have not committed myself. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The highest perfection of politeness is only a beautiful edifice, built, from the base to the dome, of ungraceful and gilded forms of charitable and unselfish lying. — Mark Twain

Nothing will make us so charitable and tender to the faults of others, as, by self-examination, thoroughly to know our own. — Francois FeNelon

I have somewhere met with the epitaph on a charitable man which has pleased me very much. I cannot recollect the words, but here is the sense of it: What I spent I lost; what I possessed is left to others; what I gave away remains with me. — Joseph Addison