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Don't forget I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

— Julia Roberts

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You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love.

..I love...I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

I like you very much. Just as you are.

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I like so many different kinds of chick flicks. I like rom-coms, I like female friendship movies.

What I'm really trying to do is recreate classic Hollywood cinema and classic genre cinema from a woman's point of view. Because most cinema is really made for men, how can you create cinema that's for women without having it be relegated to a ghetto of "chick flick" or something like that?

I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic.

I loathe, I hate, chick flicks.

Chick flick is not a term used to praise a movie.

Nobody says 'it's a great chick flick.' It's a way of being derisive. I'm not clear why it's ok to do it.

The time for crying with your girlfriends about a broken heart is over chocolate ice cream and chick flicks—not stun guns and bulletproof vests.

Guys are really easy to get along with.

It's a lot better than being on the bus with eight girls. But the worst part is being the only girl, because there's some days where you just wanna watch a chick flick.

Mary Matalin and James Carville have given me more hope when it comes to love and relationships than any romance book or chick flick ever.

I'm not a chick-flick enthusiast.

I love horror films. And I like chick flicks! I like to approach the different genres of moviemaking and explore them. And you get a little better the more you do them.

I hate chick flicks. I won't see them. I won't rent them.Life's not like that. I'd rather watch something with guns and explosives or scary movies with a bunch of blood because that stuff isn't trying to be like real life.

My mother worked all of her life, she was a dance teacher and I also noticed, to be honest, that most of the male directors wanted to blow things up so there was like an open area for somebody who wanted to direct women movies, chick flicks, whatever you... I don't call them chick flicks.

It has been said that I make chick flicks. This is not a compliment.

I'm not a fan of any genre but am a fan of movies that are intelligent and/or funny. That goes across all genres: a horror movie, a zombie movie, alien invaders, chick flick, or raunchy comedy. If it's well done, I'm a fan.

Much-derided chick lit, chick flicks, and chick magazines have left ambitious women in a bind. Why is it that I, a young woman, can read GQ, enjoy Fight Club, and subscribe to Thrillist, while the idea of a guy doing the same with Glamour, 27 Dresses and Daily Candy is nearly unheard of?

You're allowed to make things for women on television and there's not like.

.. you don't have to go through the humiliation of having made something directed at women. There it's just accepted, whereas if it's a feature, it's like 'So, talk to me about chick flicks.'

Unfortunately, 'chick flick' has become a term to describe most movies that I don't even like. They're these movies that, yes, have women in them but they really don't reflect who women are, and there's something kind of silly or shallow or gossipy about them.

They say that guys who like chick flicks tend to do a little better with the ladies. Well, I INVENTED the chick flick, so you can pretty much guess where that leaves me.

With 'Avatar,' I thought, Forget all these chick flicks and do a classic guys' adventure movie, something in the Edgar Rice Burroughs mold, like John Carter of Mars - a soldier goes to Mars.

Now I understand all those chick flicks I made fun of.

'Cause now I'm the sappy dork willing to risk it all for the girl. Estoy enamorado...I'm in love.