quote by Cesar Millan

All dogs can become aggressive, but the difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull can do more damage. That's why it's important to make sure you are a hundred percent ready for the responsibility if you own a 'power' breed, like a pit bull, German shepherd, or Rottweiler.

— Cesar Millan

Most Powerful Chihuahuas quotations

Chihuahua. There's a waste of dog food. Looks like a dog that is still far away.

I also have two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier, so if they like him, that's a good sign.

It seems like all the good looking people have smaller dogs these days.

Especially for the women, because they always come in with their little Chihuahuas and the guys come in with their Golden Retrievers.

Oh, the Irish were building the railroads down through Mexico, through Chihuahua. They finished the railroads when they finished out in the West Coast, and they went down and put the trains into Mexico.

I just bought a Chihuahua. It's the dog for lazy people. You don't have to walk it. Just hold it out the window and squeeze.

Little bitty bags are completely impractical - I like big slouchy bags because they have to be comfortable for my lovely wee Chihuahua Tequila, who comes everywhere with me. I'm devoted to him, now my kids have long since flown the nest.

The typical large company has a compensation committee, They don't look for Dobermans on that committee, they look for chihuahuas.

I love pets and I love animals, and I just got a new puppy, a new rescue named Peanut. She's a tiny little Chihuahua mix.

A Chihuahua. They're good. If you lose one, just empty out your purse.

Along with the evidence of common sense, researchers have proven scientifically that humans are all one people. We're a lot like dogs in that regard. If a Great Dane interacts (can we say interact?) with a Chihuahua, you get a dog.

Long-haired Chihuahuas have no notion they are bite-sized.

When I see a woman who is all gaunt and emaciated, I don't think she's beautiful. She reminds me of a Chihuahua that's freezing and shaking.

It's so scary. And then I end up getting so nervous that I get like [I am] now. I get really hyper. [Squeals.] So then I go in interviews and I'm like, 'I'm like a chihuahua! I'm shaking and peeing!' And then afterwards, I'm like, 'I just talked about peeing on the red carpet.'

That’s what a skinwalker is: a mean asshole with a meaner spirit squatting inside.” "I’ve run into some of those at the dog park," Oberon said. "They’re usually attached to Chihuahuas.

I'm going to go with Chihuahua, just because I can't think of anything more frightening than a giant Chihuahua.

I asked my vet what kind of dog he'd get.

He told me, 'I'd get a Chihuahua, because when it died, I wouldn't care.

I think you can directly link chihuahuas to Dow Jones.

Brendan's chihuahua doesn't do that. During the week it sleeps, eats and trains a little bit. So I have to say his chihuahua is a privileged one.

What do I look like, the ghost whisperer? They're loony.

I'd have better luck talking to my cousin Alfonso's Chihuahua. At least Tía Juana knows Spanish." "Your cousin's Chihuahua is named Tía Juana?

I'd like ten more babies and ten more chihuahuas and a few Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, I enjoy being a sex symbol and making people happy.

The future of our relationship hinged on advice from a fifteen-year old girl, a probably untrue story from a one-eyed Chihuahua trainer, and me unromantically – yet skillfully – kissing you on top of silverware and china?

My ears are too beeg for my head. My head ees too beeg for my body. I am not a Siamese cat ... I AM A CHIHUAHUA! -- Skippyjon Jones (In his very best Spanish accent)

North Korea has the same ability to launch a nuclear strike against America as I do. It's like walking through a parking lot and getting barked at by a chihuahua locked in a car.

Chihuahuas are the perfect pet if you don't have a person in your life who screams and shits their pants every time there's a noise.

When I first heard about Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I thought, no.

This, this is ridiculous. And then you read the script and you close the script and you go, "They aren't going to be able to do that with real dogs. How are they going to do that?" You're going to see the strings. But they did.

Where are the dogs?" I asked. "At training," he said. "I have a friend who's an expert dog trainer, and he's giving them some stealth lessons. He used to work for a local K-9 unit." I didn't think it was in the Chihuahua genetic code to ever be stealthy.

Now we're in a recession, and at war, so people want to see this chihuahua movie, The Fountain. To be told to come to terms with death, that death is the road to all - it's a very intense subject. But as with movies that are very unusual, that have come to be thought of as very interesting, one finds out at the time that they were not understood. So who knows? We'll see. A lot of people really, really loved it, and a lot of people didn't get it.

What I discovered with acting is that you step out of your own personal life and you connect with characters that are not you and you try to understand their journey. I have three Chihuahuas, but I'm not a father. I can put myself in the position of playing a father on a TV show, by paying closer attention to my friends that have kids and by spending more time with my nephew.

I've always been a very lucky guy. A lot of crazy things have happened in my career, but I guess the first big break was when I moved to Mexico City from Chihuahua.

The chihuahua and the pink velour track suit. I think it's kind of an iconic look.

Ever see a skinny guy on a cold day? You know they tremble like Chihuahuas.

Then you see a fat guy in a tank top - nine degrees, he's sweatin'. Look at 'Titanic,' remember the boat goes into the icy cold waters? Little skinny Leonardo: dead. Final scene, Kathy Bates on a rowboat, coat open, eating a hotdog.

I have dogs in my house and much like teenagers at some point, they leave the parents. Even though they're in the same house, they live independently. I think that's how I live with the Chihuahuas.

If you're doing a family movie, you don't want it to be stupid.

Farting chihuahuas is not my idea of entertainment for kids or adults. So you try to make a movie that adults can see on one level, and kids can see on another.