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A billion dollars every week for Iraq, $87 billion for Iraq. We can't get $5 billion for childcare over five years in welfare reform.

— Jim Wallis

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And, over the last thirty years we have seen men's participation in both housework and childcare has increased and women's have stayed at about the same.

Babies have much higher levels of stress in childcare.

The issue of childcare is the missing link in the full contribution of women to our society and to our economy.

Day care poses no risk for children, provided that it is high quality.

... Poor quality day care is risky for children everywhere.... The cost of poor quality day care is measured in children's lives. High quality day care costs only money.

Men worry about childcare with their wallets, women feel it in their wombs.

The fact that [Hillary Clinton] is pushing for paid family leave and also for [affordable] childcare will make a huge difference for working women who aren't as lucky as I am to be able to hire a nanny when I work. And who aren't lucky enough to necessarily have their husbands be able to take off work. That will make a huge, huge difference.

Without greater support for childcare, parents of young children may be forced to choose cheaper, poor quality care for their children or fail to provide it entirely.

If both parents must work, I think it is more important that the mother has proximity to the child to therefore establish a childcare situation at the big corporations not once a day, but many times a day.

Increasingly, men are realizing exactly that - that having an educated, economically independent partner reduces the pressure on them to be the sole provider. Many men are also beginning to understand that participating in housework and childcare can be rewarding. Women with higher education and/or earnings are so much less likely than other women to divorce, that by age 40, they are more likely to be married than any other group of women.

Childcare is a huge issue for young women whose work may require them to leave their families for weeks at a time.

People from authoritarian, male-dominated, punitive families tend to vote for "strongman" leaders and for "hard" punitive policies (prisons, wars) rather than "soft" caring policies (healthcare, childcare). Not everyone from this background does. But many people do. And this conditioning can be exploited, as Trump's campaign did, especially in times like ours of economic, social, and technological upheaval.

Hillary Clinton wants to push for equal pay and for paid family leave and for better and cheaper childcare.

Let's provide family leave that is paid and access to affordable, high-quality childcare.

I want to focus on what are called kitchen table issues.

You know, the ones that keep you up at night, like the cost of childcare and college and prescription drugs and so much else.

Many [most] of Ivanka's [Trump] ideals are the platform of the democratic party.

Her father [Donald Trump] has never mentioned anything she spoke about in her RNC speech. He doesn't talk about childcare, equal pay, women's rights.

[Motherhood] is an incredibly huge challenge.

You need support. You need resources. You need access to childcare and good safe schools.

I think actually under scrutiny, Hillary's [Clinton] promotion of equal wages at poverty level and of healthcare for children but not for their families, of childcare when there are no jobs, it just doesn't cut it. I think women need a real agenda of justice because women are care-givers, because women are instruments of justice for our families and for our communities.

The first time I learned I could sell myself was when I convinced a wealthy American family to give me a job as a nanny. Childcare. Totally unqualified. But I learned to be ready for anything. And that I can adapt. That I can become the best diaper changer.

Now if you not only support them through that pregnancy, but now provide childcare for them so they can go back to school and get their GED or their associate's degree or bachelor's degree or their master's degree, learn how to take care of themselves, teach their baby how to take care of themselves so that you break the cycle of the dependency.

I know that so many women don't have a choice.

They could lose their job if they say, 'I need to leave because I don't have childcare.'

Being a parent, I'm acutely aware of how hard it is to get good childcare.

Motor Racing Outreach is great. They provide a chapel service every Sunday for drivers, wives, crew members, and others in the NASCAR industry so that we can gather and celebrate our faith. It's important to me to have this time before the race on Sundays. They also provide other services such as at-track childcare and counseling.

Women are more focused on the development of the quality of life in their countries. They are more involved in social and family policies, childcare, and poverty reduction.

The childcare tax credit makes some sense.

In a sense, in the area of child care, children's relationships with parents' working has come full circle. We have gone from the mom-and-pop store (or mom-and-pop farm), with its integration of child care and work, to children-at-home and dad-at-work; to the mom-plus-daddy working at home, with its integration of childcare and work again. From mom-and-pop back to mom-and-pop.

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