Today, being the biggest developing countries in the world, China and India are both committed to developing their economy and raising their people's living standards.
— Li Peng

If I were an Englishman, I should esteem the man who advised a war with China to be the greatest living enemy of my country. You would be beaten in the end, and perhaps a revolution in India would follow.
Napoleon china india quote

About 80 percent of the active ingredients in medicines now come from offshore, particularly China and India, and we don't have a governance system. We don't have a regulatory system able to ensure that that production is safe. We don't have a system to ensure that human rights, basic dignity, are ensured.
— Auret van Heerden

If China and India were as rich as the United States is today, the market for cancer drugs would be eight times larger than it is now.
— Alex Tabarrok

Each year India and China produce four million graduates compared with just over 250,000 in Britain.
— china india quotation by Gordon Brown