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Christina Ricci is amazing, the most professional actor I think I've ever met. You can be chatting with her and when they call action, she's right there.

— Lisa Kudrow

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It is my intention to make no provision herein for my son Christopher or my daughter Christina for reasons which are well known to them.

I don't want to be Christina Aguilera. I want to be Amy Lee, rock queen - not sex queen.

It's very professionally done, very clever songwriting.

I like Backstreet Boys more than 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, it's all very well done stuff. Much better than the Partridge Family and New Kids On The Block. I took my kids to see Backstreet Boys live and they flipped out

I'm not claiming to appeal to the same people that Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears are going to appeal to. I'm not trying to. I'm doing what I want to do.

I was totally into cartoon babes when I was a little dude.

Cheetara from the 'Thundercats,' then Jessica Rabbit, and finally I moved onto a real-life human being and was into Punky Brewster, and then Christina Applegate on 'Married with Children.'

There was a weird, innate kind of understanding between me and Christina (Ricci). A psychic told us we were sisters in a past life.

I thought of my mother as Queen Christina, cool and sad, eyes trained on some distant horizon. That was where she belonged, in furs and palaces of rare treasures, fireplaces large enough to roast a reindeer, ships of Swedish maple.

Christina Stead has a Chinese say, "Our old age is perhaps life's decision about us" or, worse, the decision we have made about ourselves without ever realizing we were making it.

What did you do, memorize a map of the city for fun?” says Christina.

“Yes,” says Will, looking puzzled. “Didn’t you?

Christina Aguilera and I are friends no matter what the media makes up.

Certain people want to see me solely as a pop act, but there are many different sides to Christina Aguilera besides the pop girl.

It comes with being sixteen," Mom said.

"You teenagers, you go into a cocoon when you turn fifteen and don't come out for years." "So they become butterflies when they finally come out?" my little sister Christina asked. "No," Mom said. "They're still caterpillars, only now they're big fat caterpillars that smell.

Christina Aguilera, to me, has one of the greatest voices of our time and I got nothing but respect for her.

Christina Aguilera has her own style, so good on her.

I don't think anyone's every told her to put on some leather chaps and get her noonie out. She's an amazing singer but a lot of her music I can't even hear.

Lynn smacks Uriah hard in the back of the head, Christina says, “Hey Tris!” and Uriah cries, “Ow! How on earth do you make a pillow hurt, Lynn?” “My exceptional strength,” she says.

What is it with you today?” says Christina on the way to breakfast.

Her eyes are still swollen from sleep and her tangled hair forms a fuzzy halo around her face. “Oh, you know,” I say. “Sun shining. Birds chirping.” She raises an eyebrow at me, as if reminding me that we are in an underground tunnel.

I draw strength from spirit, from the divine light.

I draw strength from the love my sister and I have for each other, from my nieces, Christina and Isabella, and the true friendships I have in my life that are based in being real with each other and mutual love and support.

So this is where you grew up. Did you like it here? I guess you couldn't have, if you wanted to leave.' CHRISTINA 'I liked some things and hated some things. And there were some things I didn't know I had until I lost them.' TRIS

If you love something, Let it go, If it comes back it's yours, That's how you know kno-o-ow Nonsense, Christina Aguilera! I say, 'If you love it, file it away under "Things I love". If it's required at a later date, you'll know exactly where it i-i-i-is.

I would love for the time to come where somebody can talk about me and not have to talk about Britney and Christina in the same sentence.

It's a werewolf movie with Christina Ricci, and it was a chance to work with some good people. But playing yourself is always fairly risky because you gotta watch how you goof on yourself.

Britney would make a better prostitute than Christina. She's thicker.

Christina Aguilera is an incredible musician and singer.

I heard that when Christina Aguilera went back to her prom, people, like, booed her. I can't imagine going through that. If you know that's going to happen, why put yourself in that situation? I'd rather play for 20,000 screaming people, you know?

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are doing pretty well at getting noticed - a lot of people are doing pretty well at it. But you wonder whether they'll last, because many of them don't have the ability to get an audience to love them. You say, "That's a fabulous body" or "I like that song"; you don't say, "I love them because I know them." You can't know them.

The first person I ever described the film [The Neon Demon] to was Christina Hendricks [who has a cameo in the movie]. We were having dinner in LA and she asked me what I wanted to do next and I said, "I want to do a horror movie." And she goes, "What's it going to be about?" And I said, "A lot of blood and high heels."

I was very familiar with both actors, as well as Christina Hendricks and Bill Sage, Jimmi Simpson, Polly McIntosh, but the other main actors were new to me. And they were all terrific. Just amazing. Actually, Lowell Northrop optioned Savage Season from me, first book in the series, and I wrote a screenplay.

I'd send Christina Aguilera to Mars cos she'd scare all the aliens!

I wanted to give up, but my family kept me going.

I've written songs for Shirley Bassey, Marianne Faithfull, and Linda Thompson.

I sort of focus on these wonderful, aging divas. But maybe that's because I think I'm Christina Aguilera.

Pop is an easy way for evil business people to make a lot of money.

But I find myself humming a Christina Aguilera song every once in a while.

How does Macy Gray or Kid Rock not win over Christina Aguilera?

Christina Baker Kline writes exquisitely about two unlikely friends—one, a 91-year-old survivor of the grinding poverty of rural Ireland, immigrant New York and the hardscrabble Midwest; and the other, a casualty of a string of foster homes—each struggling to transcend a past of isolation and hardship. Orphan Train will hold you in its grip as their fascinating tales unfold.

It's one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

Not everyone has a chance to meet Greta Garbo! I was so in awe of her that I recently had my assistant search online for her film Queen Christina [1933]. I cherish that rare DVD like a precious keepsake now.

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