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Ever notice Hulk Hogan ain't got no hair on his chest? The only one who's got hair on their chest on their team is Cindy Lauper.

— Roddy Piper

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Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.

I am always surprised at all the things people read into my photos, but it also amuse me. That may be because I have nothing specific in mind when I'm working. My intentions are neither feminist nor political. I try to put double or multiple meanings into my photos, which might give rise to a greater variety of interpretations.

If I knew what the picture was going to be like I wouldn’t make it.

It was almost like it was made already – the challenge is more about trying to make what you can’t think of.

The way I see it, as soon as I make a piece I’ve lost control of it.

The work is what it is and hopefully it's seen as feminist work, or feminist-advised work, but I'm not going to go around espousing theoretical bullshit about feminist stuff.

[My work is] maybe about me maybe not wanting to be me and wanting to be all these other characters. Or at least try them on.

I think women see me on the cover of magazines and think I never have a pimple or bags under my eyes. You have to realize that's after two hours of hair and makeup, plus retouching. Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.

The laws against public nudity make no sense.

The idea that Jerry Falwell can go topless while Cindy Crawford cannot is an absolute affront to logic, common sense and the 5000 year human struggle for aesthetic taste.

I didn't think of what I was doing as political.

To me it was a way to make the best out of what I liked to do privately, which was to dress up.

One reason I was interested in photography was to get away from the preciousness of the art object.

Watching your husband become a father is really sexy and wonderful.

To expiate the pain of losing her firstborn son in the Iraq war, Cindy Sheehan decided to cheer herself up by engaging in Stalinist agitprop outside President Bush's Crawford ranch, ... It's the strangest method of grieving I've seen since Paul Wellstone's funeral. Someone needs to teach these liberals how to mourn.

If I hear a song like "Time After Time.

" I'm sittin' there lookin' at video and Cindy Lauper comes on singin' this song. I said, "God damnnnnn!"

I went to work one morning, and outside my door was Cindy Crawford in a black bra, and I thought that very clearly the building is making progress in integrating itself into various layers of our culture.

I put on your sequined ball gown and I checked the mirror there.

Why, I looked like Cindy Crawford, but with much more body hair.

People like Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson have done Playboy, and look at their careers!

McCain was introduced at the convention last night by his wife -- I won't say 'trophy wife' -- but she did $300,000 worth of clothes and jewelry on, no matter to the party of the little guy. But Cindy McCain talked about how his character, honor and integrity made him the exact kind of married man she was looking to pick up at a bar.

There are only five top models in the world: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer.

As Cindy Sheehan was gathering public sympathy as the Gold Star mom against the killing in Iraq, the Republican party decided to import an easier target to pummel. So they brought over the 'I-salute-your-courage, Saddam' religious fundamentalist crack-pot who can't tell us where the money went.

I sort of feel like Cindy Crawford's new husband on their wedding night.

I know what's expected of me. I'm just not sure I've got the ability to make it interesting.

Cindy Sheehan is a clown. There is no real antiwar movement. No serious politician, with anything to do with anything, would show his face at an antiwar rally.

I'm comfortable in my own skin. I know I'm not going to ever be Cindy Crawford or Elle MacPherson.

When I masturbate I fantasize about having my own apartment.

I used to think about Cindy Crawford now I think about leaving a dish in the sink overnight.

I feel that it is our moral obligation to stand and to be courageous with these families, and particularly Cindy, that have become the conscience of this nation.

Not everybody is Cindy Crawford.

The first time I ever saw Lydia Lunch perform it was a religious experience.

Not only is she intelligent and beautiful but she actually understands how "my" brain works. This almost rivals my first concert- Cindy Lauper when I was 12. She was so fascinating to me at the time. She made me want to dye my hair pink and start a band. (SO I naturally did)... All Cure records have had a great effect on me musically also.

I knew that the show was coming and they wanted me to have a co-host.

And so I asked Mary Hart and she was one of the first. Before that it was Sarah Purcell then Cindy Garvey.Then Mary Hart, then Cindy Garvey again here in New York, then Anne Abernathy and then Kathy Lee, who stayed 15 years. And now Kelly has been there eight.

Back in the early days of my political career, I was called Socialist Cindy.

I just hate the nickname Cindy.

I met Cindy [Sheehan] near Crawford, Texas.

I went out to personally thank her for waiting patiently by the road in front of George and Laura Bush's ranch for an answer from her President as to why and for what her son and others had been sacrificed in the unlawful invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Why am I running for president? Well, my wife, Cindy, says it is because I sustainedseveral severe blows to the head in prison camp.

[Cindy Sherman's] photographs reverse the terms of art and autobiography.

They use art not to reveal the artist's true self but to show the self as an imaginary construct. There is no real Cindy Sherman in these photographs; there are only the guises she assumes. And she does not create these guises; she simply chooses them in the way that any of us do.

Well, I kind of approach both of them similarly in (that) I always see it as a movie first because that's my background. Cindy Kelley, who has been my writing partner on my novels, she works more on the prose side and the description side of the storytelling because, obviously, there's a lot more of that in a novel than in a screenplay. You only have up to 120 pages in a screenplay.

Cindy is a terrific writer and has both a studied - and an intuitive - understanding of the best practices of no-hype, high results copywriting.

I think Michael Moore is an amazing man - an amazing, brave man.

And I think people are probably going to start saying, 'Don't associate with Cindy Sheehan.' People who speak truth to power somehow are marginalized in this country.

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