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Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world. — Jean-Luc Godard

Going to the cinema is like returning to the womb; you sit there, still and meditative in the darkness, waiting for life to appear on the screen. — Federico Fellini

Strangers used to gather together at the cinema and sit together in the dark, like Ancient Greeks participating in the mysteries, dreaming the same dream in unison. — Angela Carter

The traditional novel form continues to enlarge our experience in those very areas where the wide-angle lens and the Cinema screen tend to narrow it. — Daniel J. Boorstin

Cinema is an old whore, like circus and variety, who knows how to give many kinds of pleasure. Besides, you can't teach old fleas new dogs. — Federico Fellini

For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake. — Alfred Hitchcock

Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality. — Jackie Chan

Never in the history of cinema has a medium entertained an audience. It's what you do with the medium. — John Lasseter

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