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Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes. The rumor was I was a junkie. I have dark circles under my eyes, deal with it.

Benicio Del Toro, actor

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.

May Sarton, poet

A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end - and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral.

Maynard James Keenan, musician

Could it be that my circle is largely black and that it is why I am influential in black circles but not in white circles?

Louis Farrakhan, activist

I appreciate the sentiment that I am a popular woman in computer gaming circles; but I prefer being thought of as a computer game designer rather than a woman computer game designer. I don't put myself into gender mode when designing a game.

Roberta Williams, designer

Diphthongs are indicated by combinations of hooks and circles.

John Robert Gregg, inventor

As to Bell's talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles... its commercial values will be limited.

Elisha Gray, inventor

Any Mexican, would recognise that Mexico was abused, undervalued and downgraded in international circles, most of all by the United States.

Adolfo Aguilar Zinser, diplomat

The London dialect as it is spoken in educated circles.

Henry Sweet, writer

Clifford Brown was in the jazz circles considered to be probably the greatest trumpet player who ever lived.

Herb Alpert, musician

I started skating and I kind of liked it because I could run circles around the guys that wouldn't pick me to play baseball.

Scott Hamilton, athlete

France turned a deaf ear to the demands, but Ho had succeeded in attracting great publicity in progressive French circles to the situation in Indochina.

Wilfred Burchett, journalist

I started by looking everything up in a Star Trek dictionary so I knew what I was talking about, but you can't do that because they talk in circles, and half of it doesn't make sense, so you'll just end up driving yourself more insane.

Jeri Ryan, actress

That said, I should also add that I learned a great deal from being allowed in these privileged circles and am grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with some of the most powerful and successful people in the business including Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner.

Douglas Wood, writer

The Democratic Party, all the candidates from Washington, they all know each other, they all move in the same circles, and what I'm doing is breaking into the country club.

Howard Dean, politician

Exactly Straight women who surround themselves only with gay men or white people who refuse any other race into their circles are unhealthy and it has more to do with one's individual fear and individual closets.

Judith Light, actress

Circles create soothing space, where even reticent people can realize that their voice is welcome.

Margaret J. Wheatley, writer

I think each role takes a little from you and circles around you for the rest of your life. I don't think you ever abandon any of them.

Nicole Kidman, actress

I'm really good at solitaire and I can turn my arms in full circles.

Skylar Laine, musician

How prophetic L'Enfant was when he laid out Washington as a city that goes around in circles!

John Mason Brown, critic

We continue to be exasperated by the view, apparently gaining momentum in certain circles, that armed robbery is okay as long as nobody gets hurt! The proper solution to armed robbery is a dead robber, on the scene.

Jeff Cooper, celebrity

When in doubt or danger, run in circles, scream and shout.

Laurence J. Peter, writer

Assuming either the Left Wing or the Right Wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles.

Pat Paulsen, comedian

If we follow the traditional way of thought, there will always be traditional enemies. Extremist circles from both sides will find causes to give rise to problems.

Fatos Nano, statesman

Genius is a word too often tossed around in musical circles.

Stanley Jordan, musician

The whole force of the respectable circles to which I belonged, that respectable circle which knew as I did not the value of security won, the slender chance of replacing it if lost or abandoned, was against me.

Ida Tarbell, journalist

I was never a leading man. I've always been in the outer concentric circles in the company, being a character actor, which is a good place to be. It gives you that diversity.

Geoffrey Rush, actor

The earliest phase of social formations found in historical as well as in contemporary social structures is this: a relatively small circle firmly closed against neighboring, strange, or in some way antagonistic circles.

Georg Simmel, sociologist

Fashion goes round in circles.

Siobhan Fahey, musician

One other fact is significant: the domestic feasts and sacrifices of single families, which in David's time must still have been general, gradually declined and lost their importance as social circles widened and life became more public.

Julius Wellhausen, educator

I could only speak in the smallest, most intimate circles about the real reasons which made me undertake the changeover of the plants for certain lines of production for I had to expect that many people would not understand me.

Gustav Krupp, businessman

Style is that which indicates how the writer takes himself and what he is saying. It is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward.

Robert Frost, poet

The atmosphere was wide open in those circles that we traveled in.

David Amram, composer

The essential matrimonial facts: that to be happy you have to find variety in repetition; that to go forward you have to come back to where you begin.

Jeffrey Eugenides, novelist

It graduates to 'our state is better than your state,' and 'our nation is better than your nation.' And it circles all the way around to where it started: 'Our God is better than your God.'

Neale Donald Walsch, author

We beg you to save young America from the blight of race prejudice. Do not bind the children within the narrow circles of your own lives.

Charles Hamilton Houston, lawyer

Love. It isn't very popular in technical circles to say a lot of mushy stuff about love, but frankly it's a very very important part of what holds our project together.

Jimmy Wales, businessman

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