I watched Gene Kelly for his smile, for his energy. Vittorio Gassman for his movement. Clark Gable for his mustache. And I watched Lassie who was happy as a dog.
— Jean Dujardin

As it has been told to me, my Dad had some kind of deal with Dick clark. But when we got here, that fell through. So we were out here with no job, no furniture, no food.
Danny Bonaduce clark quote

When you look at Clark Kent when he's working at the Daily Planet, he's a reporter. He doesn't fly through the air in his glasses and his suit.
— Gene Simmons

Dick Clark is an American icon. I am honored that he has entrusted me with such a role in this national tradition.
— Ryan Seacrest

I've got to make sure Corey Clark is all right.
— clark quotation by Corey Clark