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Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

Nobody inspired me more than Julie Andrews, who is a classically trained soprano herself. — Lesley Garrett

It's like any great medicine that works. It tastes absolutely lousy going down, but ultimately helps and heals you. And that's what Juilliard was. Juilliard is classical training. They don't really want to focus on what you do well - that's what got you into the school. They're training you to do other stuff well, which may not come easily to you. — Viola Davis

I had classical training but I don't consider myself an opera singer though. — Emmy Rossum

I knew from a young age that I could sing and it was impressed upon me that if I got a classically trained education in voice, it would serve as a foundation for whatever I chose to do. — Shuler Hensley

My Mom is a ballet director, so I had this idea in me that classical training is the best foundation for anything you do, so I wanted to get a classical background and voice. — Shuler Hensley

My background is somewhat unusual, as I trained to be a ballet dancer. I worked in the theatre for eight or nine years as a contemporary dancer. But as an actor one does read Shakespeare and does try to learn the classics. — William Kempe

What people really should be able to be confident in is that the standards of music- making that classically trained musicians present is elite, it is the best and all of us as artists should be committed to that. — Lesley Garrett

Growing up in New England, being schooled and classically trained, it needed to shake, it needed to evolve. — Emeril Lagasse