quote by Dizzy Dean

If Satch (Paige) and I were pitching on the same team, we would clinch the pennant by July fourth and go fishing until World Series time.

— Dizzy Dean

Massive Clinch quotations

There is none of you but will hang me, I know, whenever you can clinch me within your power.

Why is it that an extended olive branch often turns to a clinched fist of hatred?

Constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home at last, so that it can be clinched. When a man's undivided attention is centered on one object, his mind will constantly be suggesting improvements of value, which would escape him if his brain was occupied by a dozen different subjects at once.

Of course, Ginger was able to accomplish sex through dance.

We told more through our movements instead of the big clinch. We did it all in the dance.

It is not easy to convey, unless one has experienced it, the dramatic feeling of sudden enlightenment that floods the mind when the right idea finally clinches into place.

As I watched him on the stage, my hands were clinched in fists of rage.

No angel born in hell, could break that Satan's spell.

Like any sport, if you can clinch it sooner, clinch it sooner.

It just makes the celebration that much sweeter.

Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction,a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse.

We had an opportunity to clinch a playoff berth and I think if that's not enough motivation I don't think you should be playing this game.

Not content to have the audience in the palm of his hand, he goes one further and clinches his fist.

Those youngsters go out there and set a record and clinch the pole position.

But what do you do if you wreck your car. That record doesn't spend too well.

Based on the number that they found, The New York Times reported that Hillary [Clinton] had basically clinched the primary 'cause you added the superdelegates to the number of delegates you'd already gotten. But this was on the eve of the California and New Jersey primary.

I think I would probably be He-Man because Battle Cat would clinch the deal for me because I've always wanted a large, green cat.

I love doing TV. It's such a breakneck pace you know. It's kiss and go with your leading man. You meet them in the morning and go right into a clinch. The filming is over before you know their last names.

An impression which simply flows in at the pupil's eyes or ears and in no way modifies his active life, is an impression gone to waste. It is physiologically incomplete... Its motor consequences are what clinch it.

Clinching the [County] Championship is a strange sensation.

.. There's more atmosphere in a doctor's waiting room

I can entertain the proposition that life is a metaphor for boxing--for one of those bouts that go on and on, round following round, jabs, missed punches, clinches, nothing determined, again the bell and again and you and your opponent so evenly matched it's impossible not to see that your opponent is you.... Life is like boxing in many unsettling respects. But boxing is only like boxing.

I grew up around backstage, and that clinched it for me.

Americans (I, I'm afraid, among them) go around carelessly assuming they're tolerant the way they go around carelessly saying, 'You ought to be in pictures.' But in the clinches, they turn out to be tolerant about as often as they turn out to be Clark Gable.

How often have I not heard a perfectly intelligent female says, in the tone of one clinching an argument, 'Edgar says -- ' And all the time you are perfectly aware that Edgar is a perfect fool.

You have to come to the world of enlightenment with open hands, not clinched fists, without an agenda.

Sometimes one's very angry and preaches, but I know that to clinch a point is to close it. To leave the reader free to decide what your work means, that's the real art; it makes the work inexhaustible.

After the clinch, it doesn't matter what happens, one way or another, we're going to hit the ground, and we'll be in my world. The ground is my ocean, I'm the shark, and most people don't even know how to swim.

What if history was changed? slavery reversed Would black ladies see white boys and clinch they purse?

Engage in one kind of business only, and stick to it faithfully until you succeed, or until you conclude to abandon it. A constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home at last, so that it can be clinched.

Faulty execution of a winning combination has lost many a game on the very brink of victory. In such cases a player sees the winning idea, plays the winning sacrifice and then inverts the order of his fellow-up moves or misses the really clinching point of his combination.

...So in his own way Guy Clinch confronted the central question of his time, a question you saw being asked and answered everywhere you looked, in every headline and haircut: if, at any moment, nothing might matter, then who said that nothing didn't matter already?

Mogi: Greg Parker left the hideout a while ago and bought a large amount of food. He's heading back to the hideout now. And I've been able to ascertain that he purchased multiple boxes of the same brand chocolate. Aizowa: That clinches it. Ide: It feels a little strange that chocolate is the deciding factor here.