One revolution is like one cocktail, it just gets you organized for the next.
— Will Rogers

I'm tied of hearing about temperance instead of abstinence, in order to please the cocktail crowd in church congregations.
Vance Havner cocktails quote

The writer has a grudge against society, which he documents with accounts of unsatisfying sex, unrealized ambition, unmitigated loneliness, and a sense of local and global distress. The square, overpopulation, the bourgeois, the bomb and the cocktail party are variously identified as sources of the grudge. There follows a little obscenity here, a dash of philosophy there, considerable whining overall, and a modern satirical novel is born.
— Renata Adler

Writing a novel is not method acting and I find it easy to step out of it at cocktail hour.
— Bret Easton Ellis

Mix one part Denzel Washington and two parts Eva Mendes and you have a nice hot cocktail.
— cocktails quotation by Dean Cain