quote by Horace Walpole

The world is a tradgedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

— Horace Walpole

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Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.

Comedie quote Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.
Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.

Quotes are for dumb people who can't think of something intelligent to say on their own.

Comedie quote Comedy aims at representing men as worse, Tragedy as better than in actual life.
Comedy aims at representing men as worse, Tragedy as better than in actual life.

There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.

I think pimp, therefore i am.

There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.

A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.

Play your part in the comedy, but don't identify yourself with your role!

My roommate says, "I'm going to take a shower and shave.

Does anyone need to use the bathroom?" It's like some weird quiz where he reveals the answer first.

I have some very personal feelings about politics, but I don't get into it because I do comedy already.

People know me. I'm not going to produce any cartwheels out there. I'm not going to belong on Comedy Central. I'll always be a tennis player, not a celebrity.

There are a hell of a lot of jobs that are scarier than live comedy.

Like standing in the operating room when a guy's heart stops, and you're the one who has to fix it!

In Russia we only had two TV channels.

Channel One was propaganda. Channel Two consisted of a KGB officer telling you: Turn back at once to Channel One.

The human comedy is always tragic, but since its ingredients are always the same - dupe, fox, straight, like burlesque skits - the repetition through the ages is comedy.

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.

Tragedy is a close-up; comedy, a long shot.

All we need is a meteorologist who has once been soaked to the skin without ill effect. No one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days.

Comedy is difficult, especially slapstick. The trick is to have fun while you are performing it.

I was drafted and went to Korea where I had an opportunity to create a production team that did dramatic and comedy shows. I had also done a little disc jockeying.

I can't imagine being a woman in the world of acting, like where you age starts to weigh you down - you go from being attractive to where they [directors] decided you're out... I feel like with stand-up comedy, it doesn't matter if I've gotten fatter.

If the psychic energies of the average mass of people watching a football game or a musical comedy could be diverted into the rational channels of a freedom movement, they would be invincible.

I'd like to do a comedy with Emma Thompson.

I admire her as an actress so much. I love her. And I didn't know it until recently that her whole career started in comedy.

When I left school I was full of angst, like any teenager, and I channeled it all into comedy.

Married men live longer than single men. But married men are a lot more willing to die.

The difference between tragedy and comedy: Tragedy is something awful happening to somebody else, while comedy is something awful happening to somebody else.

I would never stop watching film. The reason why I say I like the old ones is I like the subject matter better. I thought they had more variety to them, they had more romantic comedies and things that appealed to me more.

I never use a napkin on my lap at a restaurant...because I believe in myself.

Your face makes my soul want to eat chocolate pudding!

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.

Money can't buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits.

You can think of Hollywood as high school.

TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors - they're the cool seniors.

I called a detox center - just to see how much it would cost: $13,000 for three weeks! My friends, if you can come up with thirteen grand, you don't have a problem yet.

I've come to realize that life is not a musical comedy, it's a Greek tragedy.

I've been very fortunate to be able to jump around.

I just did this really wonderful film called Map of the World. That was a real, amazing, dramatic story. Then I did a movie called Company Men, a little comedy about the Bay of Pigs.

A lollipop is a cross between hard candy and garbage.