The United States Constitution has proved itself the most marvelously elastic compilation of rules of government ever written.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Books to judicious compilers, are useful; to particular arts and professions, they are absolutely necessary; to men of real science, they are tools: but more are tools to them.
Johnson compilers quote

I just wanted to compile these stories about growing up with my father and I wanted people to be able to enjoy them individually, but also the entire book as a whole.
— Justin Halpern

I'd rather have a search engine or a compiler on a deserted island than a game.
— John Carmack

There's a bootleg album that was recorded when I was 14 or 15, a compilation of things live at different clubs. Songs like Girl from Ipanema and Cry Me A River. I don't know what the title of it is.
— compilers quotation by Edgar Winter