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Our job is to ensure that meat and poultry products are safe, wholesome, accurately labeled for the benefit of the American consumers, and to make sure that they are in compliance with all federal laws. — Mike Johanns

Take care; you know I am compliance itself, when I am not thwarted! No one more easily led, when I have my own way; but don't put me in a frenzy. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan

He in a few minutes ravished this fair creature, or at least would have ravished her, if she had not, by a timely compliance, prevented him. — Henry Fielding

Those graceful acts, those thousand decencies, that daily flow from all her words and actions, mixed with love and sweet compliance, which declare unfeigned union of mind, or in us both one soul. — John Milton

Most bosses know instinctively that their power depends more on employee's compliance than on threats or sanctions. — Fernanda Bartolme

China has not lived up to any other trade agreements over the last decade... They don't have any compliance or enforcement. — David Bonior

I mean, Dodd-Frank is strangling small community banks. It doesn't make any difference what the interest rate is. They're not - they're not going to loan the money because they can't make any money for one thing plus the cost of compliance. — Rick Perry

We are constantly working towards the highest level of compliance possible. — Mike Davidson