quote by Esther Perel

Trouble looms when monogamy is no longer a free expression of loyalty but a form of enforced compliance.

— Esther Perel

Satisfaction Compliance quotations

This year I hope to introduce legislation that would require Power Administrations to list direct and indirect costs associated with ESA compliance as a line item on customer's power bills.

Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.

Ensure compliance and be responsive to the feedback.

Defiance through compliance.

What we are seeing now is customers shifting their attention from security products like firewalls and intrusion sensors, to the policies that need to be in place, and the technologies that help them enforce policy compliance.

The soldier does not wish to appear a coward, disloyal, or un-American.

The situation has been so defined that he can see himself as patriotic, courageous, and manly only through compliance.

A compliance with the minutiae of military courtesy is a mark of well-disciplined troops.

The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance but non-thinking

As American taxpayers know too well, the tax code is incredibly complex and compliance is all to expensive.

Our job is to ensure that meat and poultry products are safe, wholesome, accurately labeled for the benefit of the American consumers, and to make sure that they are in compliance with all federal laws.

The intrusions of the white race and the non- compliance with treaty obligations have been followed by atrocities that could alone satisfy a savage and revengeful spirit.

The industrial age brought compliance and compliance brought fear and fear brought us mediocrity.

Remember that every guilty compliance with the humors of the world, every sinful indulgence of our own passions, is laying up cares and fears for the hour of darkness; and that the remembrance of ill-spent time will strew our sick-bed with thorns, and rack our sinking spirits with despair.

Sustainable change, after all, depends not upon compliance with external mandates or blind adherence to regulation, but rather upon the pursuit of the greater good.

I have a Web site that parents and girls can use to learn about Title IX and take action if they find their school is not in compliance. Thirty years after Title IX passed, 80 percent of schools are not in compliance.

The biggest corporation, like the humblest private citizen, must be held to strict compliance with the will of the people as expressed in the fundamental law.

The respect for human rights is nowadays not so much a matter of having international standards, but rather questions of compliance with those standards.

He in a few minutes ravished this fair creature, or at least would have ravished her, if she had not, by a timely compliance, prevented him.

We strive to hire and retain only those who embrace our MBM® Guiding Principles, which encompass integrity, compliance, value creation, Principled Entrepreneurship, customer focus, knowledge, change, humility, respect and fulfillment.

Most departments of education are set up largely to regulate schools and hold them in compliance. They don't really help schools. When a school is struggling with certain kids, they can't go to the state and say, "Can you help us with resources and training?" That should be their role.

A coerced "choice" does not reflect virtue, only compliance.

The aspects of patriotism that hush dissent, encourage going along, and sanction comfortable distancing and compliance with what is indecent and unacceptable... those aspects are too fundamental to ignore or gloss over.

There is no contest between the company that buys the grudging compliance of its work force and the company that enjoys the enterprising participation of its employees

Some of the worst elements of Guyland rest on the twin pillars of men's silence and women's compliance.

There can be no true discipline without love...only compliance.

Easter is reflecting upon suffering for one thing, but it also reflects upon Jesus and his non-compliance in the face of great authority where he holds to his truth - so there's two stories there.

The constant need for special waivers is symptomatic of poorly written public policy. It's a signal that the cost of compliance is unreasonably high; the benefits are hard to measure; and either legislators or regulators have failed to do their homework.

Compliance does not foster innovation, trust does.

You can't sustain long-term innovation, for example, in a climate of distrust.

Social confusion has now reached a point at which the pursuit of immorality turns out to be more exhausting than compliance with the old moral codes.

Melania Trump posted on Twitter -I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. It's the same message she told MSNBC in February [2016].

Acting after being asked is compliance. Acting without being asked is kindness.

Global warming, like Marxism, is a political theory of actions, demanding compliance with its rules.

We have been brainwashed by school, indoctrinated by industrial propaganda, and mesmerized by the popular media into believing that compliance is not only safe but right and necessary.

Someone once said that under the bell jar of compliance, the only thing that blooms is rage.