quote by Peter Maxwell Davies

The present government is very insistent that business sponsorship should replace government sponsorship of the arts. Business sponsorship won't happen unless you make tax concessions, which they won't.

— Peter Maxwell Davies

Jittery Concession quotations

Once you consent to some concession, you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are.

Let us not speak of tolerance. This negative word implies grudging concessions by smug consciences. Rather, let us speak of mutual understanding and mutual respect.

ULTIMATUM, n. In diplomacy, a last demand before resorting to concessions.

Life makes concessions for no one; it's up to each of us to learn from our experiences; laugh; cry; scream; shout; do whatever it takes to let it out; the important thing is to get it out...move on...and live life...life waits for no one either.

The Constitution itself, plainly written as it is, the safeguard of our federative compact, the offspring of concession and compromise, binding together in the bonds of peace and union this great and increasing family of free and independent States, will be the chart by which I shall be directed.

If we do not defend ourselves none will defend us;

if we yield we will be more and more pressed as we recede; and if we submit we will be trampled under foot. I hold concession or compromise to be fatal. If we concede an inch, concession would follow compromise, until our ranks would be so broken that effectual resistance would be impossible.

All legislation is founded upon the principle of mutual concession.

The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.

The most amazing thing I've ever seen was Jay Johnstone, in uniform, in line at a concession stand in Dodger Stadium after the game had already started.

You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way.

To obtain a just compromise, concession must not only mutual-it must be equal also....There can be no hope that either will yield more than it gets in return.

Violence is a concession to human weakness, satyagraha is an obligation.

The truly gifted negotiator, then, is one whose initial position is exaggerated enough to allow for a series of concessions that will yield a desirable final offer from the opponent, yet is not so outlandish as to be seen as illegitimate from the start.

The only concession you can make is to what you believe is right.

I have to say I've worked very few days of my life.

I used to have to cut the lawn, and when I was in junior high school, I worked at a concession stand at a stadium.

Concession comes with better grace and more salutary effect from superior power.

concessions to adversaries only end in self reproach, and the more strictly they are avoided the greater will be the chance of security.

From now on - specialize; never again make any concession to the ninety-nine percent of you which is like everyon else at the expense of the one percent which is unique.

Our contention is not for mere toleration, but for absolute liberty.

There is a wide difference between toleration and liberty. Toleration implies that somebody falsely claims the right to tolerate. Toleration is a concession, while liberty is a right. Toleration is a matter of expediency, while liberty is a matter of principle.

As for cages themselves, an ordinary citizen who kept dogs in similar conditions for their entire lives would risk prosecution for cruelty. A pig producer who keeps an animal of comparable intelligence in this manner, however, is more likely to be rewarded with a tax concession or, in some countries, a direct government subsidy.

Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions.

Conciliation is not capitulation, nor is compromise to be deemed equivalent to imbalanced concession.

The prison scandal is really hurting President Bush's poll numbers.

In fact, I hear he's already working on his concession smirk.

It is not a process of bargaining or give-and-take.

The peace process is not about giving concessions. We will not allow any step which would hurt the memories of our martyrs.

This is a wrong course the Chinese comrades are trying to lead us on to, it is an opportunist road of vacillation and concessions to the Khrushchev traitor group which finds itself in grave difficulties, and is intriguing in order to escape defeat.

There's no such thing as business ethics;

there's just ethics. And ethics makes no concessions for the real or imagined necessities of making a profit.

Politeness is wasted on the dishonest, who will always take advantage of any well-intended concession.

The Word of God makes use of poetic imagery when discussing.

.. formless intelligences but... it does not do so for the sake of art, but as a concession to the nature of our own mind. It uses scriptural passages in an uplifting fashion as a way, provided for us from the first, to uplift our mind in a manner suitable to our nature.

The concessions of the weak are the concessions of fear.

The yielding of the weak is the concession to fear.

To write history is so difficult that most historians are forced to make concessions to the technique of legende.

Lobbying, protesting, letter-writing, American media, civil disobedience, and preaching pacifism ad nauseum, along with EDUCATION is the most effective way to enlighten the masses. Welfare concessions/campaigns, are counterproductive and simply ineffective in this day and age.

The alternative to fanaticism and to death is not some miraculous realization that someone has been wrong and he has to apologize. No, the answer to fanaticism and to death is curiosity and compromise and concession.

I've never made any concessions, so I am 100% responsible for my films.

This makes me feel very proud.