quote by Theodore Bikel

Epistemology is the study of knowledge. By what conduit do we know what we know?

— Theodore Bikel

Joyful Conduit quotations

Communication is the conduit of leadership from the Prime Minister down to the leading hand of a small group of council workers fixing the roads. Leadership uncommunicated is leadership unrequited!

Our old experiences, memories and fears guide us down the present path.

It's not so much that you are the artist; you are the conduit.

Summer set lip to earth's bosom bare, And left the flushed print in a poppy there: Like a yawn of fire from the grass it came, And the fanning wind puffed it to flapping flame. With burnt mouth red like a lion's it drank The blood of the sun as he slaughtered sank, And dipped its cup in the purpurate shine When the eastern conduits ran with wine.

We do not view the company itself as the ultimate owner of our business assets but instead view the company as a conduit through which our shareholders own assets.

The daily practice of gratitude is one of the conduits by which your wealth will come to you.

The Reform Bill has destroyed the ancient conduits and strainers, and brings Public Opinion to act upon the government with the rapid, turbulent, and uncertain violence of a flood!

What intrigues me most about the human voice, is its ability to make all things transparent through its power of transformation. The voice is not just a conduit for words. For me it is like an abstract dream in which everything makes perfect sense.

The future belongs to neither the conduit or content players, but those who control the filtering, searching and sense-making tools we will rely on to navigate through the expanses of cyberspace.

he challenge is finding the modern conduit for the audience, having fun and really looking at the duality of this particular character, that is both devil and angel, and on the cusp of losing control of the pagan background, to this newfangled religion called Christianity. There's a great backdrop there, and just a whole dark side with the magic.

If you want to be a conduit for God's grace, you don't have to be lined with gold. Copper will do.

Learning to endure, transform by perspective or action, and be grateful is the fast lane to a good life. That's right. Having great luck and fortune is not the conduit to a loving and enjoyable life; gratitude is.

The telescope... is a conduit to the cosmos.

I think part of being an artist is having the ability to define your own responsibilities. I certainly wouldn't prescribe any. As far as I'm concerned, my biggest responsibility is to my own imagination. We're all conduits. Art preceded me, and it'll be here long after I'm gone.

You learn this great lesson of life: it's not about me.

It's just not. The matter of talent-which seemed so important to you when you were young-is not of great importance. We're simply a conduit. We take things out of the air into us and put them in the form of stories. That's pretty much it.

And it (the left brain) has a massive role within this reality, yes.

It is basically the point where infinite consciousness joins this reality. It’s that conduit. But if you get trapped in it, and imprisoned by it, you become the decoding mechanism itself and it becomes your awareness.

Language surely does affect our thoughts, rather than just labeling them for the sake of labeling them. Most obviously, language is the conduit through which people share their thoughts and intentions and thereby acquire the knowledge, customs, and values of those around them."

I love writing in first person more than third.

I have to basically suspend my own world. I don't exist. I'm just a conduit. So I can be eight years old. I can be the mother of a kid that you find out certain things I'm not going to say.

God has made us to be conduits of his grace.

The danger is in thinking the conduit should be lined with gold. It shouldn't. Copper will do.

My aesthetic is derived from my point of view which is one of optimism and hope.

The camera became a conduit for my need to create a more beautiful world around me.

The universe is an infinite opportunity creation machine.

In every instant, the possibility of greater possibility is programmed into the nature of things. Love creates the conduit through which new possibility enters our experience, and lovelessness keeps it at bay.

The artist’s job, I think, is to be a conduit for mystery.

Gay culture is far from 'marginal,' being rather 'intersectional,' the conduits between unlike beings.

How does your experience of one sense affect all the others? In addition to being the conduits of pleasure and pain, your senses are the midwives of intelligence.

Our thoughts about the future go far toward creating it;

our minds and hears are like filaments taht connect today to tomorrow, they are conduits for either the status quo or the emergence of different, hopefully more loving, possibilities. How we think and how we behave determine where we are going

I fell in love with the thought that a human life could be a priestly conduit, a connecting link between earth and sky. As I grew and stumbled and, most important, as I began to love and be loved, I realized that the ultimate priest is the lover inside us

Lord, 'tis Thy plenty-dropping hand That soils my land;

And giv'st me, for my bushel sown, Twice ten for one; Thou mak'st my teeming hen to lay Her egg each day; Besides my healthful ewes to bear Me twins each year; The while the conduits of my kine Run cream, for wine. All these, and better, Thou dost send Me, to this end, That I should render, for my part, A thankful heart...

You're not really necessarily the coolest guy in their life.

You are a conduit to the really cool people.

Man and animals are in reality vehicles and conduits of food, tombs of animals, hostels of Death, coverings that consume, deriving life by the death of others.

The fake healers make you dependent. They aggrandize their personality cult and finances. They increase their stature with titles like Doctor, Bishop, Apostle, Prophet. This increases their authority to manipulate. Watch out for those who put themselves above you. The real ones point to Christ in you. You can pray just like anyone else. The gifts of the Spirit belong to the Holy Spirit. You have this inside you by faith and can be a conduit.

The way I generally work is that I do try to leave as many decisions as I possibly can to the day of, because it feels like that's where you're most in tune to what's going on. I sort of feel like my job is to be a conduit to opportunities, to maximize the creativity of the day itself - because that's when the cameras are running. That's the important thing to me.

I was used on a number of occasions by the United States and China as a conduit.

For instance, I was up there talking with the Chinese leadership and they said to me that they were a bit concerned that the Americans had a misunderstanding about their relationship with the Soviets. There was some suggestion that there was a rapprochement developing between China and the Soviets, but nothing could have been further from the truth.

The Head of Story is defined differently for each film.

But I found that the role for me was to support the director's vision, and to be a conduit to the story team - and managing that team to realize the vision.

It is the shared experience - [although] you're the conduit of the sound, the recipient is also in some way the author of the work, because if they weren't the author of the work they wouldn't be able to recognise it as an experience, you could argue. The more distance you can put between yourself and having any kind of objective the more likely it is to appear.

That's the real endeavor: to try to create that direct conduit from the pure consciousness of your creative voice to the person who's a craftsman who can go into the world and consistently deliver new things worth paying attention to.