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I don't think the scientific method and the science fictional method are really analogous. The thing about them is that neither is really practiced very much, at least not consciously. But the fact that they are methodical does relate them.

Frederik Pohl, writer

Indeed, one of the most successful and influential religious organizations in history, the Society of Jesus, was consciously modeled along military lines by its founder, Ignatius Loyola.

Robert Shea, author

This American Jewish music is a new experience for us at least consciously.

Neville Marriner, musician

Your average pop song or film is a very sophisticated item, with very sophisticated ways of listening and viewing that we have not really consciously developed over the years - because we were having such a good time.

Paul Muldoon, poet

I must firmly adhere to the views I have held and practice, that Socialism to succeed must be practical, tolerant, cohesive and consciously compromising with Progressive forces running, if not so far, in parallel lines towards its own goal.

John Burns, activist

These are very subtle things, of course, and I don't expect everyone to pick them up consciously, but I think that there is something there that you must be able to feel, there is an energy at work that I must trust my audience will be able to pick up at some level.

Atom Egoyan, director

Having photographed the landscape for a number of years and specifically working with trees and in the forest I found, without consciously thinking about it, that it was a great learning experience for me in terms of organizing elements.

John Sexton, educator

The first day at the power plant I found myself photographing some steam vents on the roof of the structure. And I remember consciously thinking that they were just like trees but they were metal.

John Sexton, educator

Man is pre-eminently endowed with the power of voluntarily and consciously determining his own point of view.

Ernst Mach, physicist

I'm saying that the WMD reporting was not consciously evil. It was bad journalism, even very bad journalism.

Daniel Okrent, editor

They improve greatly, and sometimes I go and see the performances they do and I am consciously aware that there isn't enough work for the good dancers.

Siobhan Davies, dancer

We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal... in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live.

Peter McWilliams, writer

Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself.

Robert Foster Bennett, politician

Anyone who knows how difficult it is to keep a secret among three men - particularly if they are married - knows how absurd is the idea of a worldwide secret conspiracy consciously controlling all mankind by its financial power; in real, clear analysis.

Oswald Mosley, politician

If we know the divine art of concentration, if we know the divine art of meditation, if we know the divine art of contemplation, easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world.

Sri Chinmoy, philosopher

Because I'm such a creative person, and I've always got my nose in a book, I suppose it was only a matter of time before non-fiction turned into fiction again. But I never consciously set out to become a writer and I never thought I'd be doing the things I'm doing today.

Paul Kane, writer

Architecture is a art when one consciously or unconsciously creates aesthetic emotion in the atmosphere and when this environment produces well being.

Luis Barragan, architect

I consciously decided not to be a 'London' actor. Those gangster movies made a lot of East End actors think they were movie stars. And I was very aware that they were going to go out of fashion.

Eddie Marsan, actor

Sometimes, people aren't as consciously aware of their decisions as they should be.

Timothy Olyphant, actor

You know, he's a bit of a rock star, but I think he's consciously learnt how to make people feel comfortable around him. Because otherwise, how could anyone act opposite him? The whole time you'd be thinking, 'My god, it's Johnny Depp!'

Bella Heathcote, actress

I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What's it all about?

Liam Neeson, actor

Most of us do not consciously look at movies.

Roger Ebert, critic

I alone of English writers have consciously set myself to make music out of what I may call the sound of sense.

Robert Frost, poet

I have consciously not taken the role of a gangster, which has been offered to me far too many times.

Stanley Tucci, actor

All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me - consciously or unconsciously. That's to be expected.

Donald Trump, president

I never consciously said, 'I want to be an actor.' It sounds stupid, but it's kind of like being a painter or something. You don't say, 'From today on I'm going to be a painter.' It's not something conscious - you've just been painting pictures all your life.

Franka Potente, actress

Cage's Music of Changes was a further indication that the arts in general were beginning to consciously deal with the "given" material and, to varying degrees, liberating them from the inherited, functional concepts of control.

Earle Brown, composer

We are hungry for more; if we do not consciously pursue the More, we create less for ourselves and make it more difficult to experience More in life.

Judith Wright, poet

If most people are not willing to see the difficulty, this is mainly because, consciously or unconsciously, they assume that it will be they who will settle these questions for the others, and because they are convinced of their own capacity to do this.

Friedrich August von Hayek, economist

I have been a Christian all my life, but it's impossible to be so deeply involved in these stories without it making you think again, and without it making you consciously aware of the people involved.

Della Reese, musician

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