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Conscription may have been good for the country, but it damn near killed the army. — Sir Richard Hull

Justifying conscription to promote the cause of liberty is one of the most bizarre notions ever conceived by man! Forced servitude, with the risk of death and serious injury as a price to live free, makes no sense. — Ron Paul

I did not volunteer for the Waffen SS, but was, as were thousands of my year group, conscripted. I did not then know as a 17-year-old that it was a criminal unit. I thought it was an elite unit. — Gunter Grass

They may not be conscripted against their will as the foot soldiers in a federal crusade. — John Paul Stevens

They talk about conscription as a democratic institution. Yes; so is a cemetary. — Meyer London

The weeping voices rise straight up and strike the clouds. A passer-by at the roadside asks a conscript why, The conscript answers only that drafting happens often. — Du Fu

I regard the principle of conscription of life as a flat contradiction of all our cherished ideals of individual freedom, democratic liberty and Christian teaching. — Roger Nash Baldwin

Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription. — William Lyon Mackenzie King