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Donald Trump is not a Republican. Donald Trump is not a conservative. Donald Trump is trying to pull off the biggest scam in American political history, basically a con job, where he's trying to take over the Republican Party by telling people he's someone who he is not.

— Marco Rubio

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I admire that about the Republicans: The evidence does not faze them.

They are not bothered at all by the facts.

Conservative party quote Whether we or our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals a
Whether we or our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.

The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews.

Conservative party quote A party without a cake is just a meeting.
A party without a cake is just a meeting.
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Even before winning its majority, Harper's Republican-styl e Conservative party - well to the right Canada's traditional Progressive Conservative Party - managed to win minority governments with less than 40 per cent of the popular vote.

I’ve become less conservative since the Republican Party started becoming goofy.

[Is the Conservative Party still the Nasty Party?] I said it was perceived as the Nasty Party. And is it? I don't think that it's a phrase that people today would apply to the Party. I think that the perception of the Party has changed.

Conservative party quote Conservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their in
Conservatives say if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they have lost all incentive because we've given them too much money.

Under my leadership the Conservative Party will come back together in the interests of the whole country.

If the chief party, whether it be the people, or the army, or the nobility, which you think most useful and of most consequence to you for the conservation of your dignity, be corrupt, you must follow their humor and indulge them, and in that case honesty and virtue are pernicious.

I was delighted that by campaigning throughout England, Scotland and Wales, addressing in all 39 public meetings, I had contributed to the victory of the Conservative Party at this general election.

Conservative party quote Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined ef
Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort.

I can foresee no circumstance in which I would allow my name to be put forward for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

I think that the principle of the Conservative Party is jealousy of liberty and of the people, only qualified by fear; but I think the principle of the Liberal Party is trust in the people, only qualified by prudence.

Healing the wounds of the earth and its people does not require saintliness or a political party, only gumption and persistence. It is not a liberal or conservative activity; it is a sacred act.

If political correctness has achieved one thing, it’s that it has made the Conservative party cloak their inherent racism behind more creative language

Our two-party system is a fraud, a sham, a delusion.

On foreign policy, trade, immigration, Big Government, we have one-party government, one party press; and conservatives are being played for suckers.

Deregulation is a transfer of power from the trodden to the treading.

It is unsurprising that all conservative parties claim to hate big government.

I'd rather take advice from my valet than from the Conservative Party Conference

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religiously conservative group.

They are a minority in Egypt. They are not a majority of the Egyptian people, but they have a lot of credibility because all the other liberal parties have been smothered for 30 years.

We don't have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven't taxed enough;

we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.

I'm a total Republican, but I've never claimed to be a Christian-right conservative. They're a large but dwindling part of the Party.

How can you be conservative and justify wiretapping people without a warrant? We're supposed to be the party of personal freedom and civil liberties.

The Conservative Party is a tax cutting party or it is nothing.

The greatest threat to America is not necessarily a recession or even another terrorist attack. The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias.

I think in any organisation it's right to set out what you stand for, what you're fighting for and bring that together in one document so that people can see that the modern compassionate Conservative Party is in it for everybody - not just the rich

The whole of the situation of the Conservative Party today springs from that night when they dismissed the best prime minister the country had had since Churchill.

Fascism allegation [to Donald Trump] is not coming from the left.

This is coming from the right. It`s coming from inside the Republican Party and from within mainstream conservative thought.

I am the last person whom it would be reasonable to expect to leave the Conservative Party.

People are crying out for a Conservative Party that is decent, reasonable, common sense and in it for the long term of this country.

The political health of Britain has deteriorated very sharply.

The Conservative Party must do something about it. I am the man to do it.

My gut tells me and continues to tell me that the Conservative party is on a road back to government.

I want to lead the Progressive Conservative Party, a party that will promote true conservative values and principles. I can tell you right now, I am not the merger candidate. I am not interested in institutional marriages with other parties.

There's a very big gulf between the black civil rights leadership in America and the black middle class in America. The black middle class are conservative. Many of those minorities can be persuaded to be members of the Republican Party.

CDU head Angela Merkel has tried for years to serve two sides: the conservative side by holding up her CDU party membership. But then at the same time she acts as though she were also a Social Democrat. I don't have this hydra-headed nature. In the end, people will vote for the Social Democratic original.

The public will not forgive us if their wish to leave is subject to a bitter and a divisive Conservative Party leadership race between Remain and Leave camps.

I hope that in the days to come, I'll be able to convince my colleagues that I should be one of the candidates that Conservative party members can choose from.

The reality of it is I think the GOP - Republicans and certainly conservatives - will partner with the Tea Party movement around this country.