quote by George Bernard Shaw

I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.

— George Bernard Shaw

Most Powerful Convalesce quotations

For my convalescence, I had to exercise my voice only with vowels.

It is a medical rule after a long loss of voice.

A vacant white room with lights is still a submission to the neutral.

Works of art seen in such spaces seem to be going through a kind of esthetic convalescence.

How convalescence shrinks a man back to his pristine stature! where is now the space, which he occupied so lately, in his own, in the family's eye?

But if I must be alone, I refuse to be alone as if it were something weak and distasteful, like convalescence.

My father's mother, my Grandmother Young, was said by the family to have talked herself to death. Convalescing from a fever, she had defied the doctors and gone right on talking.

Life is a disease; and the only difference between one man and another is the stage of the disease at which he lives. You are always at the crisis: I am always in the convalescent stage.

I like to be around entertaining people.

Even if they're bored, and you're in a convalescent home, there's something entertaining about that, in a way.

Christianity is fundamentally convalescence.

. .God is not only the doctor who prescribes, He is the nurse who lifts up our powerless head and puts the spoon in our mouth...And He is the medicine.

The object of convalescence ought to be to turn our attention to life: at other times, simply to our tasks!

The politics of the exile are fever, revenge, daydream, theater of the aging convalescent. You wait in the wings and rehearse. You wait and wait.

My mother was a single parent, a speech therapist who worked for a company that kept a substantial percentage of the income they billed for her to teach stroke victims in convalescent hospitals to talk again.

Convalescence is a sort of grown-up rebirth, enabling us to see life with a fresh eye.

Right there is the usefulness of migraine, there in that imposed yoga, the concentration on the pain. For when the pain recedes, ten or twelve hours later, everything goes with it, all the hidden resentments, all the vain anxieties. The migraine has acted as a circuit breaker, and the fuses have emerged intact. There is a pleasant convalescent euphoria.

Convalescence. Such an utter weakness that you lie like an animal hibernating, playing possum. You float. You are adrift. Every current is stronger than you.

For [D.H.] Lawrence, existence was one continuous convalescence; it was as though he were newly reborn from a mortal illness every day of his life. What these convalescent eyes saw, his most casual speech would reveal.

Art is recuperation from time. I lie back convalescing upon the prospect of a harvest already at hand.

I ... have two vocations: chess and engineering. If I played chess only, I believe that my success would not have been significantly greater. I can play chess well only when I have fully convalesced from chess and when the 'hunger for chess' once more awakens within me.

At home, I dedicate occasional whole days to reading as if I’m a convalescent.

The ideal place for this is the bath, where the body floats free. Books go a little wavy, but they’re mine, so who cares.

When Death lurks at the door, the physician is considered as a God.

When danger has been overcome, the physician is looked upon as an angel. When the patient begins to convalesce, the physician becomes a mere human. When the physician asks for his fees, he is considered as the devil himself.

Ada girl, adored girl, [...] I'm a radiant void. I'm convalescing after a long and dreadful illness. You cried over my unseemly scar, but now life is going to be nothing but love and laughter, and corn in cans. I cannot brood over broken hearts, mine is too recently mended.

The rooms of his apartment were full with the dog home again, convalescing.

He was satisfied to know, even when she was out of sight, that somewhere in the apartment she was sleeping or eating or sitting watchfully. It was family, he guessed, more or less. Did most people want a house of living things at night, to know that in the dark around them other warm bodies slept? Such a house could even be the whole world.

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