Delicious Cookie Jars quotations

I find it hilarious when Obama's hand gets caught in the cookie jar

It is not secret here in Congress we have not had the discipline in many instances to keep our hands out of the cookie jar of Social Security. Now to stop this I propose that in the future that Congress cannot get its hands on the money in the first place.

Look at the reactions of liberal governments to the surveillance revelations during the last years. In the United States, we've got this big debate, but we've got official paralysis - because they're the ones who had their hand caught most deeply in the cookie jar.

[On Regis Philbin:] He's like everybody's kid brother with his hand in the cookie jar and his foot in his mouth. You love him, but you can't take him anywhere.

There's a time I can recall Four years old and three feet tall Trying to touch the stars and the cookie jar And both were out of reach

Empty?! You took all the cookies!" "They were crying to get out of the jar.

.. Cookies get claustrophobia too, you know!

He reached out, opened the glove compartment, and took out a gun.

It was a Smith & Wesson .38 five-shot special. It looked a lot like my gun. "I stopped by your apartment this morning and picked this up for you," Ranger said. "I found it in the cookie jar." "Tough guys always keep their gun in the cookie jar." "Name one." "Rockford." Ranger grinned. "I stand corrected.

Honey, a man can't keep his gun in a cookie jar. It just isn't done.

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