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Picture quote by Henry Ford about cooperative

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ⏤ Henry Ford

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Во́рон во́рону глаз не вы́клюет.

Russian Proverbs,

Една лястовичка пролет не прави.

Bulgarian proverbs,

The more generous we are, the more joyous we become. The more cooperative we are, the more valuable we become. The more enthusiastic we are, the more productive we become. The more serving we are, the more prosperous we become.

William Arthur Ward, writer

What's near and dear to my heart is cooperative conservation.

Gale Norton, public servant

I think that our cooperative conservation approaches get people to sit down and grapple with problem solving.

Gale Norton, public servant

One of the workshop participants had shown me a single 8 X 10 photograph of a power plant where he actually was the general manager of this power cooperative. It was quite magical to me.

John Sexton, educator

This was a dairy cow, and dairy cows have IDs on them. The ID was traced back to the farm in Washington. It's a dairy farm. And that farm now has been quarantined, and the owners have been very cooperative in doing that.

Ann Veneman, public servant

Individuals have little opportunity to get elected to Parliament under the label of the government party... unless they are in good standing with the Prime Minister and pledged to be cooperative.

Stockwell Day, politician

If you make a film normally it's all right, the distributors are helpful and cooperative. But if you make a film that's a little stange, a little bizarre, then all the time it's a struggle with them.

Dario Argento, director

Many legitimate forms of ownership, mainly cooperative and communal, had not been used to any effective extent mainly because of the imposition of Stalinist restrictions.

Alexander Dubcek, politician

The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.

Gary Gygax, inventor

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