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And we, inhabitants of the great coral of the Cosmos, believe the atom (which still we cannot see) to be full matter, whereas, it too, like everything else, is but an embroidery of voids in the Void, and we give the name of being, dense and even eternal, to that dance of inconsistencies, that infinite extension that is identified with absolute Nothingness and that spins from its own non-being the illusion of everything. — Umberto Eco

The mathematics of quantum mechanics very accurately describes how our universe works. And it tells us our reality is continually branching into different possibilities, just like a coral. — Garrett Lisi

We are not only risking the extinction of the entire coral species, the warm water corals, we're not only risking a fourth of all fish species which are in the oceans, but we are risking the very lives and livelihoods of more than 500 million people who live in the developing world in poor countries. — Pavan Sukhdev

Corals are instrumental-quality recorders of change in the water. Our thermometers only take us back 50 years or so here. The coral can take us back hundreds and thousands of years. — Rob Dunbar

Most of the reefs [around Christmas Island] are dead, most of the corals are dead, overgrown by algae, and most of the fish are smaller than the pencils we use to count them. — Enric Sala

I'm haunted by the thought of what Ray Anderson calls 'tomorrow's child,' asking why we didn't do something on our watch to save sharks and bluefin tuna and squids and coral reefs and the living ocean while there still was time. Well, now is that time. — Sylvia Earle

The cities are the principal home and seat of the human group. They are the coral colony for Man, the collective being. — Alfred Doblin

Oman overall has great animal and plant biodiversity because it has mountains, desert, coastal areas and rich coral reefs. — Saadi