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I've got to make sure Corey Clark is all right. — Corey Clark

The only person to look out for me is me. I've got to make sure Corey Clark is all right. — Corey Clark

It's weird. Prior to having my first record, Corey Hart was just my name. — Corey Hart

Corey feldman and I did sneak into the screening room one day during Lost Boys. — Corey Haim

We [with Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa] were constantly looking for features and looking for ways to get involved with people who were making stuff. — Zachary Quinto

We [with Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa] wanted to draw people in with a dialogue - whether it's a creative process or a social issue or innovation of some kind; whether it was how we told the stories or what stories we told. We produced some online videos. — Zachary Quinto

We [with Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa] spent a lot of time writing, for lack of a better word, this manifesto about what we wanted to do. We wanted to find work that was relevant socially and that didn't take audiences for granted. — Zachary Quinto

Our third partner [with Neal Dodson] was this other guy called Corey [Moosa], and he came in with good ideas and also some access to money, and so we joined forces and drew up a business plan and got financing for the beginnings of the company. We had no idea what we were doing really. We just started looking through material and started producing our own stuff. — Zachary Quinto